Sunday, August 28, 2016

Giving Drumpf The Byrd

By Baxter

Having visited the crazy-train world of the Freepers and other right-wing nutcases, we cats are already quite familiar with "the Robert Byrd Argument."

That is, that no accusations of racism can be hurled from any Democrats against Republicans because — wait for it — West Virginia Senator Robert C. Byrd was once a member of the Ku Klux Klan. So of course they're trotting it out now that Hillary Clinton has called Donald Drumpf on his racist fellow travelers from

We cats say, this has always been idiotic, and still is. Because any extreme error like Klan membership always depends on what you do with it.

Byrd repented his racist past. "It has emerged throughout my life to haunt and embarrass me and has taught me in a very graphic way what one major mistake can do to one’s life, career, and reputation," he wrote. And he became one of the Senate's consistent voices of support for the NAACP, voting rights and hate crimes prevention. 

We're not seeing Drumpf, Stephen Bannon and the other shady characters around them recanting their views and apologizing. Quite the opposite: Bannon has flat-out denied that the alt-right is racist or anti-Semitic.

Oh, and there's one other thing: Bob Byrd would trounce Donald "Article 12" Drumpf in a contest about the US Constitution. (In fact, Byrd was the first person we thought of when we saw Khizr Khan reach into his jacket pocket and pull out his copy during his spellbinding speech at the Democratic Convention.) We cats PURR.

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