Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Weighing The Options In Missouri

By Baxter

Missouri is one of those states that, contrary to many others around the nation, has gotten redder over the years. So we cats were pleasantly surprised to see a new Monmouth poll that had Donald Drumpf only leading Hillary Clinton by a percentage point. It also had GOP Senator Roy Blunt ahead of Jason Kander by just five. And goodness gracious, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Chris Koster is ahead of Republican Eric Greitens by 11! (Plus, Monmouth isn't a particularly "D-friendly" pollster. Hmmm!)

But let's not get carried away. We tend to stay sane by keeping our expectations as realistic as possible — low, even. And as everyone keeps saying, things could change in 77 days.

In the meantime, though, remember that politics is a zero-sum game. Faced with these polls, the Republicans will have to start planning to spend their limited assets on the Show Me State — not just for the Presidential race, but for the other two as well. And the super PACs that aren't playing in the Presidential (like Rove's) will have to take money away from characters like Kelly Ayotte, Baby Marco Rubio and Pat Toomey to help shore up Blunt. Or they'll have to cut off what little they're still sending to Ron Johnson. Pity.

It's all a question of the allocation of scarce resources, don'tcha know. So whether or not these polls are good for Democrats (and we think they're pretty okay), they're for sure not good for the GOP. We cats PURR.

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