Sunday, January 29, 2017

Memo To Trump: America Is In Your Face

By Zamboni

Remember last weekend? It seems like an eon ago, but hundreds of thousands of women in Washington — and millions of Americans and like-minded citizens across the country and around the world — marched against the New Worst Person Who's Ever Lived, his white supremacist BFF and all the hideous policies that this administration-without-a-mandate is trying to enact.

Fast forward to today, and people are pouring into the streets, with demonstrations growing by the minute in New York City, Los Angeles, downtown Washington, and once again at Dulles International Airport — where it appears that Customs & Border Patrol agents are refusing to comply with a federal court order and allow detained Muslim travelers access to lawyers.

We're in a full-blown Constitutional crisis, folks. It took Richard Nixon five freaking years to get to this point. For the Trumpsters, it's been little more than a week.

We cats will have more to say on all this, but it'll be a struggle: We've already run out of adjectives to describe our outrage (our thesaurus broke a long time ago). In the meantime, though, isn't it ironic that President Bannon is blocking highly vetted refugees from entering the US, but barely bothered to scrutinize nominees for his own Cabinet? We cats are disgusted, and we HISS.

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