Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Semantics, Or Policy? You Be The Judge.

By Sniffles

We cats lived for a long time in Miami, so we noticed with interest that our former Congresswoman (who's resembling Jabba the Hutt more and more every day) has decided to vote ixnay on Trumpcare. "As written the plan leaves too many from my #SoFla district uninsured," Ileana Ros-Lehtinen tweeted.

All righty, then: There are two things in that short little burst that bode ill for the heartless right-wing free-market ideologue Paul Ryan and his newly minted Republican death panels. And here they are.

1. Who in GOP world said anything about insured/uninsured? That's not what Trumpcare is all about. If you listen carefully to Ryan and Tom Price, that inhumane Human Services Secretary, the plan has absolutely nothing to do with getting everyone insured. The Ryan-Price-and-even-occasionally-Trump-when-he-isn't-blabbing-like-a-fool guarantee is that everyone will have access to coverage — not coverage itself.

Where did Ileana get this "insurance" thing? Is this a case of one of the most senior members of the Republican caucus getting blindsided on her dear leaders' most basic talking point?

2. So, if Ileana is right, and coverage — and not mere access to coverage — is the new metric, then we have to ask Price, Ryan and the rest of the GOP leadership this question: Can you name one Congressional District in the nation in which the number of insured Americans will increase as a result of Trumpcare? Because Representative Ros-Lehtinen seems to think it's important.

Will anyone in the media catch this? We cats wonder. If not, we HISS.

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