Sunday, August 6, 2017

Not Impressed.

By Zamboni

So Jeff Flake made the rounds of the Sunday shows today to hawk the silly book that he wrote as his Hail Mary pass to try to get re-elected Senator from Arizona next year.

It appears he's in a spot of polling trouble and he's trying to grab some of the mavericky pixie dust that his colleague the senior Arizona Senator is famous for. Flake seems to be thinking that he'll look all buck-the-party brave if he swats at things like birtherism and makes unflattering comments about the short-fingered vulgarian his party so cynically enables and coddles, future of the country be damned.

Sorry, Senator. This is August, 2017 — not 2016. Your timing's way off.

Not only that, but complaining about birtherism looks a whole lot less courageous and a whole lot more opportunistic when someone votes to confirm a birther-y blogger from Kentucky to the US Court of Appeals — as Flake just has.

So, like all Republicans who try to pass for reasonable, acceptable people but who are in reality heartless, soulless, Ayn-Rand-loving hypocrites who have nothing but contempt for most of their fellow Americans, Jeff Flake is a fake. And his protestations today are falling on deaf kitty-cat ears. We cats HISS.

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