Monday, September 4, 2017

And About That Belt...

By Baxter

We cats are glad to hear that prosecutors looking into former Congressman Aaron Schock's improper use of campaign funds are declining to, um, "probe" his sexuality.

Because gosh, there's really nothing to, um, "probe," is there? It's pretty clear to us. A guy who wears this shirt and who decorated his House office like Downton Abbey surely can't pass muster with the likes of Tony Perkins and the guys who wrote the Nashville Statement.

To be clear: We don't care who Aaron Schock sleeps with. We do care if he misuses public money. And we definitely care that for whatever reason, he decided he had a home in his bigoted, homophobic Republican Party and proceeded to vote accordingly.

So let's all celebrate the fact that Aaron Schock is no longer haunting the halls of Congress — and let's hope that while his past will forever remain checkered, his closet no longer is. We cats PURR.

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