Friday, September 8, 2017

Tidbits And Cat Treats: Gone With The Winds Edition

By Miss Kubelik

We cats used to live in Florida, so we know what our friends down there are going through to batten down for Hurricane Irma. (Let's hope that it's a case of getting battened down and not battered down.) Thinking of them and crossing our paws! In the meantime, a few storm-related observations:

If Hurricane Irma "isn't the time to talk climate change," when is? Would it be okay with the Republicans if we talked, say, gun control now, and saved climate change discussions for the next big school shooting?

Two positive results from Hurricane Andrew in 1992: stronger building codes and more pet-friendly shelters. The second, we assume, came about through popular demand, but we know that the first didn't happen without a lot of anti-government Republicans kicking and screaming about it. Sorry, GOP, but regulation is a good thing. We hope that if Florida weathers Irma better as a result, Democrats nationwide are readying their talking points.

After screaming for days that Irma was a figment of liberals' imaginations, Rush Limbaugh is turning tail and running. Pretty funny, especially considering that no jackbooted thugs from local, county or state government would have come hammering on his door and threatening his freedoms. Is he a, shall we say, pussy, or a liar, or both?

Finally, to all our friends in the Sunshine State who are dreading losing their power to the storm, look on the bright side: At least you won't be able to watch the "60 Minutes" interview with Steve Bannon on Sunday. Ugh. He's not only a Nazi, he's so physically repulsive that had he been all over the airwaves before November 8, he would have cost the Republicans millions of votes. We cats HISS.

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