Saturday, August 18, 2018

Happy Birthday, Roslaynn!

The subject (with her husband) of a Washington Post appreciation just yesterday, our former First Lady turns 91 today. We hope she has a fabulous celebration and maybe even allows herself a second glass of that bargain-brand chardonnay she and Jimmy drink. We cats PURR.

Friday, August 17, 2018

As Seen In Brooklyn

Whoever did this, we cats approve. And we PURR.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

An Electrifying Choice

By Zamboni

Last night's primaries were interesting for a lot of reasons, but we cats want to say that we're especially pleased at Democrat Christine Hallquist's nomination for Governor of Vermont. And not just because we can't wait for Donald Drumpf to tweet off the deep end about her.

(Actually, we're hoping that by the time he realizes Christine exists, Drumpf will have been banned from Twitter for violating their terms of use. He certainly already deserves to be booted off, as many recipients of his threats and insults could attest.)

Not many people are betting on Hallquist, former CEO of the Vermont Electric Cooperative, ousting Republican Phil Scott — but for kinda weird reasons. So the Green Mountain State hasn't failed to re-elect an incumbent Governor since 1962? Big woo. In these days of flouted precedents, stuff like that hardly seems to matter. And if you get an interesting, exciting candidate who talks about issues that are important to people — in a blue wave year, no less — things can happen.

Therefore, GOP, take nothing for granted. (Betcha a few weeks ago you didn't think Chris Collins would be off the New York ballot either.) Meanwhile, we like this congratulatory message from Virginia Delegate Danica Roem, another transgender woman who was told in 2017 that she couldn't possibly win: "If anyone tells you the Republican incumbent is too entrenched for you to defeat in the general election . . . yeah, about that," Roem tweeted with a wink. We cats PURR.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Dog-Tired Of Donald

By Sniffles

Well, we guess we have to say something about this whole "Donald Trump calling somebody a dog" thing.

We normally don't opine on canines, but now that the media are finally (maybe) drawing a line on Trump's behavior (what the heck took them so long?), we should offer a few observations:

First, that even we have to declare that "dog" shouldn't be an insult. Canines can be loyal, devoted, helpful, lifesaving, comforting and fun, even if they have to be walked when it rains.

Second, Trump's habit of calling black people "dogs" is so revolting, he should be impeached just for that.

Third, everyone knows what it means to call a woman a "dog." If it doesn't mean ugly, it means bitch (or both). What were we just saying about impeachment?

We are disgusted that America ended up with this Trump cretin in the first place. It's not like he hid the fact that he's a terrible, awful person — it was on full display throughout the 2016 campaign. So how did it happen? There are many reasons, but one of them really burns us, and it's the false equivalency that the media pushed day after day. We could have had the smart woman who knew her stuff and behaved like a grownup, but the press couldn't stop yammering about emails and how she was "overprepared." Well, we'll take overprepared over loutishness, any day. We cats HISS.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Paladino, Please

By Miss Kubelik

Peter Strzok was fired today, and one of our first thoughts was this: When the Democrats flip 40-plus seats and take the House of Representatives this year, will anyone on our side demand all of the internal 2016 emails from the FBI's New York office — to prove the blatant, obvious and insidious anti-Hillary bias that drove everything they did? That stuff will make our hair stand on end (and Strzok's texts look like child's play).

That's just one of the reasons we cats are licking our chops for Election Day (assuming that Putin lets us all vote): With Democrats in charge, all the investigations into the treasonous Trumpsters will finally be able to kick off, and people will be rightfully held to account.

Speaking of the House, on top of the travails that Republican women are facing this year with a pussy grabber to disavow and a blue wave on its way, it seems that the previously defiant Chris Collins will succumb to his insider-trading arrest and not run for re-election after all. Darn! — we were so looking forward to running against a guy who'd been hauled off to the hoosegow and who couldn't get his name off the ballot. Now, Collins has set the nominating process in motion, with the county chairs of the 27th District picking the replacement candidate. Too bad for us.

But wait! — a glimmer of light has appeared. Carl Paladino, he of the baseball bat and the racism and the homophobia and the vile Michelle Obama insults, has thrown his MAGA hat in the ring. Hooray! We can't think of a quicker way to flip NY-27.

Now, can we please get a Trump tweet endorsing him? Because which of those eight county chairs would have the moxie to pick someone else after Benedict Donald weighs in? We cats PURR.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Antifa Fun

By Baxter

Looks like the big Nuremberg rally in Washington today was a bust. Unless, of course, you think that 25 Nazis make a huge crowd. One poor guy showed up at the Foggy Bottom Metro station at the appointed hour, only to find that his 23 other "friends" had already marched to Lafayette Square and dispersed. Awww.

And the beleaguered bigots couldn't even find a spot to have a cold brew and lick their wounds. Many DC restaurants made it clear: "Unite the Right 2" attendees not welcome!

Whenever we cats get depressed about the state of the nation under Benedict Donald, we get a small dose of comfort from days like this. It makes us think that maybe all is not lost, and we PURR.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Heather Deserves Better

By Zamboni

We cats are pretty fed up with the language people are using about the death of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, Virginia, last year. The passive tense is disturbing — and yes, we're talking about "both sides."

Here's NPR on the subject: "One year ago, a car rammed into counter-protesters during a violent white nationalist rally..."

Correction, NPR: A white supremacist drove that car into the crowd. The car didn't drive itself.

And here's Donald Drumpf tweet-farting this morning in his usual idiotic way: "The riots in Charlottesville a year ago resulted in senseless death and division."

Nope, Benedict Donald. Charlottesville didn't "result" in Heather Heyer's death. Her death "resulted" because a neo-Nazi took deliberate aim at her. We cats call that murder, and we HISS.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Time To Tend The Home Fires

By Sniffles

Joe Crowley got lazy about his primary in New York's 14th Congressional district, there's no doubt about it. The surprise of the night back on June 26 was Crowley going down in flames to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Bernie Bro-ette who had been pretty much ignored by everyone.

Which meant that Bernie World instantly elevated her to sainthood. And although Bernie hadn't bothered to endorse her in her own race, she quickly accepted the tag. She started racking up frequent-flier miles, campaigning for Bernie-ish candidates around the country as the new progressive darling.

Well, this week her contenders didn't do so well. Brent Welder in Kansas and Abdul El-Sayed in Michigan tanked to more "establishment" folks.

We cats are not displeased about this. While we welcome all comers to the party and dislike Democrats cat-fighting with one another, we would like AOC to rethink her flight schedules. She should stay home and worry about her own Congressional campaign.

It's not that we expect NY-14 to flip red. But it would be a wise move for these reasons:
  • Joe Crowley didn't think he was going to lose, either. So much danger lurks in taking things for granted.
  • AOC is risking giving her future constituents the impression she doesn't care about them.
  • She is maybe not quite the star she thinks she is — at least, not yet. A sense of entitlement isn't attractive.
  • In contrast, humility is. First, AOC should go home and make sure that her campaign operation is doing the work it needs to. (If she wants to help progressive candidates, she can just lend her name to fundraising appeals.) And then when she gets to Congress, she should buckle down, learn the ropes and work her ass off.
So although it was Joe Crowley who took his eye off the ball in NY-14, it's Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez whose work ethic we're a little worried about. We cats HISS.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Tidbits And Cat Treats: Post-August 7 Primary Edition

By Miss Kubelik

So much has happened last night on the 2018 election front that our furry heads are still spinning. Here's a quick recap of our thoughts before we settle down for our next nap.

The hapless Republican candidate in OH-12 is claiming victory in a race that's still too close to call. We think he's just trying to do anything he can to goose some faux momentum, but so far it doesn't seem to be working. The Democratic candidate, Danny O'Connor, has not conceded, of course. You know what? We hope he never does. Give the GOP a taste of its own medicine.

Meanwhile, in the middle of all the pundithead speculation that O'Connor's answers to the Nancy Pelosi question hurt him, we cats say, pooh. That is so Inside Baseball, we can't begin to tell you. Plus we're bored with the lazy media's focus on the Nancy Pelosi question, which is just what the Republicans want them to do. (We'd also like to take a moment to defend Nancy Pelosi, especially to anybody who has coverage through Obamacare. Unlike Paul Ryan and the GOP buffoons, Nancy Pelosi really knows how to run the House of Representatives, and if it hadn't been for her, there wouldn't even be an Affordable Care Act. So everybody just cut it out.)

Then, as if last night's election news wasn't gripping enough, Republican Congressman Chris Collins from our own Empire State of New York was arrested today — not indicted, but hauled off the hoosegow — for insider trading. People are starting to buzz that Collins's district, NY-27, which is kinda red, could be winnable for us. It's a textbook example of why it's so important for Democrats to run in every district: You never know when the Republican will be caught romancing a sheep.

Finally, we opened our local paper this morning to note with horror that our own Congressional Republican buffoon, Elise Stefanik, has invited Mr. Bone Spurs himself, Benedict Donald, to NY-21 to sign the — get this — John McCain National Defense Authorization Act. He'll do this before an audience of enlisted personnel (the GOP's favorite prop) at Fort Drum. Either Stefanik has figured out she has to double down on pleasing Benedict Donald's base to win another term, or she's making a Machiavellian play for a leadership position after her party and its female caucus members get wiped out in the fall. We cats aren't sure she's smart enough to do the latter, but either way, we HISS.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Bill Ruckelshaus Massacres A Few Facts

By Sniffles

We cats just read an opinion piece in today's Washington Post by a Republican whose kind no longer exists: one who believes in science (heck, he even headed up the EPA a couple of times) and in the rule of law (he resigned as deputy attorney general rather than fire Watergate Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox).

That would be Bill Ruckelshaus. And while we're glad he's raising the alarm about the current state of the nation, he made a few goofs in his column that we just have to correct.

1. "The cynical conduct of this President, his attorneys and a handful of Congressional Republicans is frightening to me and should be to every citizen of this country."

A "handful"? Ha! Sure, only a few Teabag Caucus crazies signed onto impeaching Rod Rosenstein, but ALL Congressional Republicans are complicit in the Putinizing of America. Even those few who have spoken out, like Jeff Flake, have taken no action to back up their words. (John McCain has a good excuse: He's busy being terminally ill.)

2. "Should the President finally decide to fire Mueller and put in place someone who will do his bidding, the country could be thrown into a political crisis that would scar our democracy and further erode the trust of our people in our governmental institutions."

Sorry, Bill, but we think we're already in that political crisis. Unlike the Saturday Night Massacre, though, it's moving slowly.

3. "I hope the President at last studies the lessons of a history I lived — and that he heeds its warning."

"Studies"? "Lessons"? "History"? That's a howler. Trump studies nothing, learns nothing, knows nothing. That's what makes this so unnerving, and you know what? Hillary Clinton warned us about all this two years ago, but the media preferred to act like stenographers about Benghazi and emails. We cats HISS.