Friday, October 19, 2018

"Dignity, Always Dignity"

By Baxter

A small story in our local paper caught our eye this morning because it was a reminder of how insidious — and trickle-down — Trumpian boorishness is in the Republican Party.

Eighty-nine absentee ballots in Montgomery County in New York State were sent to voters in Amsterdam this month with an error: The name of the GOP's Congressional candidate in NY-20 was missing.

That's because the county's Republican deputy commissioner for the elections board wasn't there to proofread the ballots. He had died in that horrific limousine crash in Schoharie on October 6.

The faulty ballots were quickly called back and new ones mailed to every recipient. Problem solved, time to move on — right?

Nope. The jackass whose name had been left out just couldn't resist acting the victim.

"I personally think the Democrats are crooked and they are doing illegal things," Republican Joe Vitollo said. "I'm missing 500 yard signs in areas where everyone else's signs are up."

Dude, your guy was just killed in a car crash with 19 other people. And you're whining about yard signs? We cats SNARL.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Bedtime For Sniffles

As in the Warner Bros. classic cartoon, sometimes you have to accept that it's time to finally hit the sack. After 20+ great years, we can get behind that. Sleep is good. And we PURR.

En Avance Sur La Courbe

By Zamboni

We cats are enjoying Cheshire-cat grins that Montreal, a city we call our second home, was one of a handful of places in Canada in which legal pot was actually on the store shelves yesterday. The other provinces will follow suit, of course, but it's amusing that it's Quebeckers who are most out in front on this.

We had further notice this was coming when, driving back across the border from Montreal on Sunday, we saw new signs up, warning Americans not to try to bring anything naughty into New York. (At least, not yet: Medical marijuana is legal here, and Governor Cuomo has ordered a study on legalizing it for recreational use. No doubt he'll keep an eye on how things go in Canada.)

So, chalk up one more thing that the True North has us beat on: Pot, universal healthcare, welcoming immigration policies, and a national commitment to diversity, inclusion and human rights. Oh, and they were way ahead of us on Saudi barbarity — a fact that continues to embarrass us more by the hour. We cats HISS.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Madelyn Linsenmeir, 1988-2018

By Sniffles

So, how is the Drumpf Administration's war on opioids going?

We're wondering because we just read the most amazing, gone-viral obituary of a young woman in Burlington, Vermont — who died at age 30 from the deadly drugs that Purdue Pharma and the evil Sackler family misbranded and sold like hotcakes.

And Burlington police chief Brandon del Pozo is mad.

"Why did it take a grieving relative with a good literary sense to get people to pay attention for a moment and shed a tear when nearly a quarter of a million people have already died in the same way as Maddie as this epidemic grew?" he asked. And he proceeded to point out all the things that the state of Vermont is doing, like testing for fentanyl, distributing Naxolone to EMTs, training physicians, and refusing to arrest for misdemeanor drug possession.

But don't expect Benedict Donald's crew of knaves, thieves and mobsters to push for anything like that at the federal level. They announced a "program" to combat what they casually called "a national health emergency," but earmarked no funding for it. They put the embarrassing cipher Kellyanne Conway "in charge" of it. They've threatened the death penalty for "drug dealers" — when the "dealers" in question are the Sacklers, their company and the doctors they hoodwinked, pressured and bribed into prescribing. What a bunch of crap.

So we cats are mad, too. We leave you with some closing comments from the young Vermonter's obit.

"We take comfort in knowing that Maddie is surrounded by light, free from the struggle that haunted her. We would have given anything for her to experience that freedom in this lifetime. Our grief over losing her is infinite. And now so is she."

Monday, October 15, 2018

Well, At Least It's Not Dogs Playing Poker

By Miss Kubelik

Donald Drumpf's bad taste, amazingly, still has the capacity to shock. We cats aren't sure what could be worse than his Trump Tower apartment, but then, "South American Dictator" just isn't our cup of tea.

Today, people are appalled that he's hung a Republican version of this painting in the White House. (The most recent iteration, that is — one that doesn't stop with George W. Bush. Ugh.)

Color us unsurprised. We saw this artist's work in a gallery in Georgetown a few years back, and were kind of tickled by it. But tickling its viewers is this painting's sole purpose. It's whimsy — something you get for your rec room or playroom, or as a fun gift for your favorite politico.

The White House is home to some important art, including pieces by Frederick Childe Hassam, John Singer Sargent and Frederic Remington. It is not a place for kitsch. But with Benedict Donald in residence, what else can we expect? We cats HISS.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Ella-Grace In The Big Chair

We cats are a little behind the curve on observing the International Day of the Girl Child, but that's not because we didn't think it was important. It was Thursday, October 11 — but girls should be cherished and celebrated every day. After all, are we going to overthrow the Trumpsters without them? In the meantime, let's focus on world leaders who love and value them, and PURR.

Caveat Emptor

By Baxter

We cats were alerted to a story today via the Twitter machine: that Benedict Donald is selling Republican candidates and interest groups access to his list of 20 million hard-core supporters' email addresses. Price: $35 per 1,000 addresses, or $700,000 to message the full list.

As political minds sharper than ours have pointed out, this is hardly a bargain. Like everything else Trump does, this move is to benefit himself and no one else. Anybody who buys this list is a chump. Shouldn't Republican candidates across the country already have the MAGA crowd in the bag?

Example: Florida gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis is a racist. Why wouldn't he already appeal to Trump's base? In Missouri, Senate nominee Josh Hawley's Democratic opponent is everything Trump's base hates and fears. She's so easy for Hawley to demonize to GOP voters — why would he need help from an email list?

The only answer we can come up with is that Trump has threatened them: Buy my list or I won't come campaign for you.

Are we wrong? We think not. Consider Trump's mobster modus operandi and it makes total sense. Think of a down-in-the-polls Republican like Scott Walker, and it's even more crystal clear. We cats know what's going on here, and it makes us PURR.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Trump Isn't Welcome At Funerals, So He'll Have To Send Mike Pence To This One. (WHOOPS!)

By Zamboni

The Washington National Cathedral — burial place of legendary Americans like Helen Keller, Cordell Hull and Woodrow Wilson — has announced that Matthew Shepard, murdered 20 years ago this month for being gay, will be interred there in a special ceremony on October 26.

The cathedral, an official statement said, is "honored and humbled to receive the earthly remains of Matthew Shepard and entrust them to God. While Matthew died too young, his death nonetheless gave life to a new generation of activists and allies who are committed to proclaiming God's love for all of God's children — no exceptions or exclusions."

So, cue the haters and the homophobes, right? The Westboro Baptist yahoos and other faux Christians must be beside themselves that an openly gay kid could be laid to rest in a national monument. We cats say, tough noogies for them (or, in the words of Orrin Hatch, "grow up").

If you can't be at the cathedral that day, you can send a message of support to the Shepard family here. We cats PURR.

(IMAGE: The National Cathedral's stained-glass windows have all the colors of... well, the rainbow.)

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Desperate Measures

By Sniffles

You can tell that Republicans don't believe they can win next month's election without cheating.

In 2016, with Vladimir Putin's help, they were cheaters extraordinaire, and the Trumpsters are doing absolutely nothing to bolster America's election security this year — something that seems to us like treason on top of treason. At this point we're not sure what the Russians might be doing to keep Republicans in power after the midterms, but you can bet it's something.

Meanwhile, the GOP continues its familiar litany of incredibly effective tactics — like throwing people off the voter rolls. This is happening in multiple states, but the latest poster children include North Dakota, which has disenfranchised Native American voters courtesy of the newly Kavanaugh-ed Supreme Court, and Georgia, whose Secretary of State just happens to be running as the Republican nominee for Governor.

That dude, Brian Kemp — locked in a tight race with Democrat Stacey Abrams — is blocking the voting registrations of 53,000 Georgians, the vast majority of them African-American. He's not even trying to hide it, is he? (And the fact that he shares a last name with a man who was one of the most racially progressive Republicans is a depressing coincidence. May Jack Kemp rise from the grave and haunt him this Halloween.)

Now, the cheating is extending to stealing lawn signs. The homemade gem pictured above was confiscated by police in Hamilton, Texas, on the orders of Sid Miller, the Agriculture Commissioner, who's up for re-election next month. Seriously.

We'd like to think that this frantic move by Miller means that he secretly knows his party is toast. Because with a post-Kavanaugh gender gap of 30 points, he'd be right. We cats PURR.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Sure You're Registered? You'd Better Check.

By Miss Kubelik

There's a hurricane bearing down on the panhandle of Florida, on the very last day that you can register to vote there. Why do we cats think that a lot of people are going to fall through the cracks?

But we're not sure we should be concerned. With the exception of Leon County, this part of Florida is Trumpster territory: Panama City, Okaloosa and Pensacola, for example. It's really okay if those folks are too busy cleaning up to make it to the polls in four weeks.

But overall, this is no time to be complacent. Republicans are purging voters across America, and people who think they're registered today could turn out on November 6 to find they're off the rolls.

Don't let that happen to you: Here's a handy guide to checking on your registration, with links to state and local elections offices. Get cracking! We cats PURR.