Thursday, June 22, 2017

Damn The Optics, Full Speed Ahead

By Baxter

The Republicans are so hell-bent on destroying the Affordable Care Act that they blatantly dragged away and arrested disability advocates who were protesting the GOP bill at Mitch McConnell's office today. United Airlines must be relieved — they're no longer the worst people in the world. We cats don't know what this country is coming to, and we HISS.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Trump: Not Queen For A Day

By Miss Kubelik

In case the GOP feels like it's riding high this morning, we cats would like to remind them that they're standing on shifting ground. Here's how we know.

Jon Ossoff did 20 points better against Karen Handel than the Democratic candidate did against Tom Price in 2016. By that logic, every Republican seat that was won by 20 points or less ought to be in play next year. (As our favorite pundit has pointed out: "Lots of Dem disappointment in SC and GA. Don't!! Just keep fighting. These results would win us 50 seats in 2018, and win the Senate...if our candidates close the gap as much as these two did.")

There are 71 Congressional districts that are bluer than Georgia's sixth.

Good Democratic candidates keep lining up to run in key GOP seats. The latest: Andy Kim, who is vying to challenge Tom MacArthur, a Republican who's been very busy trying to take healthcare coverage away from 24 million Americans.

More proof that we're not sitting on our butts: This new Democratic super PAC aims to kick seven California Republicans out of their jobs. Seven seats down means we'd just have 17 more to go.

Finally, Queen Elizabeth II opened Parliament today. What has that got to do with us? She failed to mention the upcoming Trump state visit to the UK in her speech. The omission "suggest[s] that he is not expected in the next two years," say reports. But — they won last night's special elections! He wants to ride in the golden coach!

Question: Will Donald Trump even be President in two years? We leave that to those with better sources than we have. We cats PURR.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

"It's Time To Make A Bigger Table"

It's only the middle of 2017, but the best campaign ad of 2018 has just come out. And best of all, it's against Paul Ryan.

Here Comes The Sun (There Goes The GOP)

By Zamboni

These days, it helps to take an Obama-esque long view of the US political landscape. Specifically as in how the Republican Party is making itself obsolete.

Example: Kicking 23 million people off their healthcare coverage.

Example: Running candidates, like Karen Handel in Georgia's sixth Congressional district, who are extraordinarily anti-gay. (Young people won't stand for that nonsense.)

Big example: Destroying the planet by ignoring climate change and promoting dirty energy sources like coal.

That last one is big for obvious reasons: Millennials and other young voters will be around a lot longer than 71-year-old jackass Presidents will be, and will have cope with the consequences of rising seas, extreme heat waves, ever-more-powerful hurricanes and newly prevalent diseases. But it's not just those under-35 folks who are leading the way on climate consciousness.

Back before they were even born, in fact, our 39th President put solar panels on the roof of the White House. A few years later, Ronald and Nancy Reagan ripped the panels out.

How fitting, then, that The Carter Center just installed 324 solar panels on its roof — the first Presidential library to be powered by the sun.

Here's young Jason Carter speaking at the installation. Just a reminder, though, that the President who knew solar power was the way to go 38 years ago is alive and kicking at 91. We cats PURR.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday Night Pick-Me-Up



Wow, can the news can get any more dispiriting tonight? Republicans gutting Affordable Health Care behind closed doors, White House press briefings held in secret, innocent Muslims getting attacked — and who knows what the hell is going to happen in Georgia tomorrow. Time for a double dose of red panda!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

They've Burst Your Pretty Balloon And Taken The Moon Away


By Sniffles

Another bad day for Donald Trump on "the shows." Do we think that, squirreled away at Camp David as they were, Melania and Lurch oops, Barron grabbed the remote from Donald's tiny orange hands and stuffed it in a couch? Let's hope so, because absurdities piled upon absurdities.

We cats aren't sure that there's anything we can add to the Orwellian back-and-forth that Chris Wallace (Chris Wallace!) had with Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow. It's probably beyond description, so just click here and watch for yourself instead.

(Sekulow — jeez, what a jackass.)

But nothing tops Baby Marco Rubio, who swore up and down today that it's really okay that the President of the United States doesn't believe in, and doesn't care about, a Russian attack on our country.

So, okay. No jetliners hit 110-story towers, and nobody died. But thanks to the mobster that Vladimir Putin has installed in the White House, Americans will suffer — and yes, some will die. Women who try to self-abort because safe and legal abortion procedures aren't available, for sure. Undocumented families who are broken apart. But also Trump voters who either overdose on heroin because opioid addiction treatment has been cut, or who lose their healthcare when their Medicaid gets gauged.

That's why we can't bring ourselves to read this profile of sad Trump supporters by The Washington Post. Voting for this dangerous narcissist is an unforgivable act. So we couldn't care less if they're feeling let down. We cats HISS.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Lest We Furr-get: Definitely NOT Both Sides Now

By Baxter

We cats are sick and tired of opinion makers and others claiming that "both sides" are to blame for the dangerous rhetoric that reigns in Washington.

Sorry, gang, but both sides are not to blame. This is, once again, a maddening case of false equivalence. How do we cats know? Because we were there.

You can trace the end of DC comity to the rise of Newt Gingrich and the Republican takeover of the House in 1994. That was the year that the GOP got its revenge on a young Democratic President who had successfully tossed a hapless George H.W. Bush from office after just one term. The Gingrich Republicans, hypocrites that they were, went on to impeach Clinton for breaking his marital vows. But even before that, we well remember how Newt and his minions managed to mainstream hate and vitriol.

Their extreme reaction to the 1992 election startled us Democratic cats. We remember respected pundit friends who went on TV to express puzzlement over the Clinton hatred. Silly us: We'd thought that the Republicans would simply gird their loins and do battle with us on policy. Instead, they surprised us by engaging in the politics of personal destruction (PPD).

The PPD intensified with the election of Barack Obama and reached new heights during his Presidency, as we all know. And it surely would have continued had Hillary Clinton won the election last year. That, boys and girls, is the history of the stark divide the country now finds itself in.

If we'd had no Gingrich — whom Garry Trudeau used to portray as a lit bomb, remember — we'd have no extreme polarization on Capitol Hill, or at least less of it. And oh, by the way, if we'd had no Republican redrawing Congressional districts after the 2010 census, we'd have far fewer "safe" GOP seats that could coddle extreme right-wing rhetoric. (Yes, Steve King of Iowa, we're looking at you.)

So, at the risk of seeming less than accommodating to today's reality — in which we apparently all must forget that Steve Scalise willingly spoke at a white supremacist event — we cats say no way to both sides being equally guilty of demonizing the other.

Democrats believe in government — which means that Democrats know that to alienate opponents leads to nothing getting done to help Americans live better lives. This is as plain to us as the noses on our furry faces (see above). And to anyone who doesn't see it, we cats HISS.