Friday, August 18, 2017

Tidbits And Cat Treats: Maybe There's Hope After All Edition

By Sniffles

Forgive us if we're not impressed with Bob Corker. Up until this week, he was one of the chorus of Republicans who were cutting Donald Trump slack because he was "new at this" or needed time to "grow into the job." These are the same Republicans who vowed to oppose Barack Obama from Day One. And during a national emergency yet!

Okay, hissy fit over. Meanwhile, the way people are talking, the whole Corker thing feels like Floodgate City to us. Kind of like Bishop Alfred Blunt in 1936, who criticized King Edward VIII for not attending church more and ended up unleashing a media frenzy over Mrs. Simpson. We don't know if Corker knows that something is about to happen, or if he's providing cover for someone, or what — but it's interesting to remember that after Blunt, less than two weeks later England had a new king.

We don't want Trump to resign. (Mike Pence, ugh.) But a few other tidbitty thoughts are racing around our furry heads. And they're hopeful:

1) Don't look now, but Canada is quietly renaming buildings and removing statues of guys who wiped out and otherwise abused indigenous people. Gee. Maybe someday we can work our way toward not just acknowledging the US's history of African slavery but our own crimes against Native Americans as well.

2) A statue of Roger Taney came down in Annapolis last night. Good. As the Supreme Court dude (and slavery supporter) who wrote the 1857 Dred Scott opinion, Taney never rated a statue in the first place. "We deserve to celebrate the heroes of Maryland, not the villains of history," said one onlooker.

3) The American Red Cross, The Cleveland Clinic and the American Friends of Magen David Odom have all canceled plans to hold fundraisers at Mar-A-Berchtesgaden. (Our question: What were they doing there in the first place? But, okay.) We're still waiting for Susan B. Komen to do the same. (Not holding our breath.)

4) Heather Heyer's mother, who's been kind of busy this week and didn't see Trump's Tuesday press conference in real time, has caught up on things now and says she won't talk to him. (We can't wait for the inevitable tweet: "I wasn't going to call her anyway!") Good for you, Mom. Speaking to Trump would just serve to legitimize him.

5) Finally, we agree with Micah and Tadrint Washington, two sisters whose car was rammed by that Nazi killer in Charlottesville on Saturday. The women weren't officially attending the counter-protest and just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. But before the crash they were amazed at the whiteness of the pro-Black-Lives-Matter crowd. "It was something to look at, so many white people, more than our race, out there, trying to protest, fighting for us," Tadrint Washington said.

That's the silver lining: Although it seems like America under Trump is trying like hell to throw itself back to the 1950s, it isn't. Our country is better than it was — and that racist pig in the White House can't change that. We cats PURR.

UPDATE: We cats can exhale now — and we're always willing to run a correction. Susan B. Komen and The Salvation Army (another one of our non-favorites) have both canceled plans to hold events at Mar-A-Berchtesgaden. Hit him where it hurts, fellas! We PURR again.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

"I Am Spartacus"

By Miss Kubelik

True confession here: We cats had no idea how many Confederate statues and monuments there were in these victorious United States. Mind you, the alleged glories of the Old South don't really weigh on our minds much — except when we indulge ourselves in a re-viewing of "Gone With The Wind." (Our favorite line of Scarlett's, when she's told that Lincoln has called for volunteers and it's war: "Oh, fiddle-dee-dee, don't you men think of anything important?")

But yes, they're apparently everywhere. Heck, there was even a Jefferson Davis plaque on the Hudson's Bay store in Montreal! (The store was built on the site of a house Davis lived in after the war.) That plaque is now gone.

What a surprising turn of events: The Confederacy is right in our furry faces, thanks to the Charlottesville haters and their Supporter-in-Chief, Donald Trump. The good news is that Trump and his merry band o' losers — hey, we didn't say it, Steve Bannon did — have inadvertently spurred the quick removal of the very statues they're screaming about, which as we all now know were erected to intimidate black people long after the end of the Civil War.

We're cheering, for a lot of reasons. First because it looks as if — at long last — the North is going to win the peace as well as the war. Second, because even when Confederate statues are torn down illegally, people are eager to take responsibility for it — like these folks in Durham, North Carolina (above). Civil disobedience lives! We cats PURR.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Burning Bright

By Zamboni

We cats are looking forward to seeing the Gallup tracking poll tomorrow. It should have the first Presidential-performance results since Donald Drumpf ripped off his KKK hood at Trump Tower yesterday (with two Jewish guys and a woman of color standing on either side of him, we might add).

Meanwhile, the Republican Party is in crisis. Their cynical Southern Strategy has been outed for good — ruined by a guy from Queens who has just destroyed their ability to wink-wink at haters, extremists and losers in the name of economics and not get thrown up on by the whole world. And Confederate statues are coming down all over the place, too! Gosh, they must be furious.

Oh, how our liberal hearts bleed for these jerks. To every Republican talking head on TV, wringing hands and excoriating Trump, we say this: It's your party, not ours. You allowed him. You nominated him. Sure, the media coverage of Hillary was horrible and the voters are at fault, too. But Trump wouldn't have been on the November ballot if you guys hadn't anointed him in the first place.

Republicans thought they would be able to ride the tiger and not end up inside. A word of warning for them: We know tigers. Tigers are relatives of ours. And tigers always get their meals. We cats PURR.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

How We Feel.

Scary Clown

By Baxter

We cats are relieved that the White Supremacist Sympathizer-in-Chief gave his trainwreck of a news conference today in the vulgar confines of the Trump Dump in New York City and not at the White House. His comments would have seemed so much worse in front of the dignified backdrop of, say, the Diplomatic Reception Room. So, whew.

But otherwise — ugh, are we hacking up multiple hairballs, or what? We don't mean to sound flip about the hideousness and horribleness of this man, but we are so appalled that it's hard to think of any other way to describe how we feel.

By Trump's reasoning (if he is even capable of such a thing), the French Resistance, the Dutch Underground, the Jewish uprising in the Warsaw ghetto and anyone else who took up arms against the Nazis were as much to blame for World War II's carnage in Europe as the Nazis themselves.

(And Trump's winery comment? Incredible. A young woman was just murdered ISIS-style in Charlottesville, Virginia — but, his winery.)

We can only do three things in response to this nightmarish clown show:

1) Wonder if John Kelly will continue to stick around. (After his Colbert performance last night, Anthony Scaramucci is clearly auditioning for the Chief of Staff job he wanted all along.)

2) Wonder how many more CEOs will resign from Trump's silly business advisory council.

3) Run to YouTube and watch the No Man's Land scene from "Wonder Woman" again. We need a hero, even if she's only make-believe. We cats HISS.

Monday, August 14, 2017


The people of Gotham let the White Supremacist Sympathizer-in-Chief know exactly how they felt about his return home this evening. We cats 💓 New York. And we PURR.

We Don't Know If This Is Real, But We Sure Like It