Sunday, December 4, 2016

Alan Jay Lerner Reflects

By Baxter

We cats have yet to see "Jackie," but we feel as if we already have. Because we know the back story — not only of John F. and Jackie Kennedy, but also of the Broadway musical "Camelot," so well.

(If you're tempted to do a eyeroll here, folks, remember that this is the music that Lin-Manuel Miranda grew up on. So there.)

Alan Jay Lerner, who penned the lyrics to "Camelot," described his reaction to Jackie's invocation of his and Fritz Loewe's show this way.

"I was crossing the lobby of the Waldorf on my way to the Park Avenue side of the hotel, when I passed the newsstand," he wrote. "The Journal-American, now defunct, had just been delivered. In headline letters above the title of the newspaper I saw 'Don't let it be forgot/That once there was a spot/For one brief shining moment/That was known as Camelot.'

"The tragedy of the hour, the astonishment of seeing a lyric I had written in headlines, and the shock of recognition of a relationship between the two that extended far beyond the covers of one magazine, overloaded me with confused emotions," Lerner continued. "I was so dazed that I didn't even buy the wasn't until 83rd Street that I realized I had passed my house."

It's a very New York story. But thanks to Jacqueline Kennedy, national hero, it's also a very American story.

Goodness gracious. What other 34-year-old would have had the presence of mind to so cement her dead husband's legacy in history, mere days after his head was blown off in Dallas? We cats say, our Democratic women kick ass.  And of course we PURR.

Flying The Flag

By Miss Kubelik

We cats heartily approve of gay-hater Mike Pence's new neighbors in the Chevy Chase area of the District of Columbia, many of whom are unfurling the gay-pride flag to "welcome" Pence and his dumpy wife to the neighborhood.

After all, how different is Pence's reception in DC from the reaction of the business community in Indiana to his "religious freedom" hard-on? Not very, we think.

Not only are these good DC folk making an important point to Pence himself, but they're reminding America that Mike Pence is an anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-needle-program jackass who, we guarantee you, is chomping at the bit to impose his personal religious views on the entire country. Just sayin'. We cats HISS and PURR at the same time.

The Trump Effect? It's A Sin.

By Zamboni

The Freepers and the alt-righters and the Breitbarters must be loving the fact that "the political correctness movement" here in Virginia has turned its sights on two liberal literary icons, Mark Twain and Harper Lee. A mom in Accomack County says that The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and To Kill a Mockingbird should be pulled from the local schools because both books' use of the N-word has upset her biracial son.

Finn, from which Ernest Hemingway famously said all literature derived, is such brilliant social satire that we cats won't even try to tackle it in a blog post. But Mockingbird, partly thanks to the Oscar-winning 1962 film adaptation, is so beloved that defending it is easier than bustin' up a chifforobe.

In fact, Mockingbird is particularly relevant now. Although his minions insist on denying it, the soon-to-be leader of the free world ran a racist, hatemongering Presidential campaign. The result: Teachers nationwide report that bullying is up in schools, and race-based harassment across the country has skyrocketed. Since the Mockingbird characters who most prolifically use the N-word are all horrible people, Lee's novel would be an important and reaffirming lesson for today's Trump-beleaguered kids.

But still — it's very sad. Wouldn't that youngster in Accomack County be more comfortable discussing these classics of American literature if the Republicans hadn't given white supremacy a platform this year? We cats think he would — faster than you can say Tom Robinson. So we HISS.

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Friday, December 2, 2016

We Still Want To Photograph You In This Light

By Sniffles

We cats were sad to see that Howard Dean dropped out of the running for chairman of the Democratic National Committee. In our shock and dismay after November 8, we could only see his leadership as the answer to the Democrats' woes.

It wasn't just the 50-state strategy that we endorsed, but also the fact that when he was in charge, Dean ran a tight ship. At least, you never saw crap that went on during the era of Debbie Wasserman Schultz. (We would not like to answer to an angry Chairman Dean for an impolitic anti-Sanders email, thank you very much.)

So the first thing we thought when we heard today's news was: If this is about Howard rightly calling the Nazi Steve Bannon a Nazi, we are going to be furious. And of course we're already mad as wet cats about the fact that, like Hillary Clinton, Howard Dean is always going to be judged through an unjust filter — and by just enough people to make a difference. As John F. Kennedy once observed, life is unfair.

But then we saw that Keith Ellison suddenly said he's willing to leave Congress if he gets the DNC job. And we decided, just maybe, that was the deal that he and Howard and the powers that be had struck.

Who knows? Neither Ellison nor Dean is calling us cats to personally explain — so we can only speculate from what we've seen in the headlines. But if we get a DNC chair whose sole job is to rebuild our organization and win us some elections, we're fine with it. As long as that person listens closely and attentively to the advice of Howard Dean. If that happens, we cats will PURR.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Not-So-Silent Majority States The Obvious: Trump Is A Loser

For more information, click here.

Elizabeth's Eyeroll

By Baxter

It started out as a conversation about the irony of how all the underachieving white men who voted for Donald Drumpf and against the fat-cat Wall Street establishment will end up with a new administration chock-full of — you got it — Wall Street establishment fat cats.

And then it morphed into a debate about Steve "Yep, He's a Nazi" Bannon — with Anderson Cooper trying to tell Elizabeth Warren that Bannon was not a white supremacist. So cue the Senator's eyeroll.

We cats are very glad that Howard Dean is not the only Democrat out there saying what needs to be said about Bannon. First, because as John Oliver has observed, the Drumpf crowd is not normal, and we must fight against all efforts to make them so. And second, because Steve Bannon is exactly what Warren and Dean say he is. As Dean told CTV, "You go look at Breitbart News and you'll make up your own mind."

The final irony: In Breitbart World, of course, guys like Anderson Cooper would be some of the first ones shoveled onto the boxcar. With little pink triangles on their shirts. We cats HISS.

UPDATE: Looks like the Kellogg Co. has decided that Bannon and friends are Nazis, too. Corn flakes and Eggos and Pop-Tarts for all!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


By Miss Kubelik

Here's what we like to see: A Democrat who nearly takes out a repulsive GOP member of Congress and, right away, resolves to run again.

Doug Applegate lost to the disgusting Darrell Issa by just two points — close enough that the race in California's 49th District was only recently called. But Applegate has wasted no time in announcing for 2018. "As a Marine Colonel, I know that the hardest fights often take a couple of battles," he said.

This is so great. We cats have often wished that Democrats would be more diligent about running people even in safe races (you never know when some Republican is going to get caught abusing children or animals) — and we've always wanted our good candidates to brush off defeat and go right back at 'em again.

After all, why give the Republicans a moment's rest or a smidgen of breathing room? Like a feline with a mouse — and like millions of voters across the country who are furious about this year's results — we Democrats are a lot bigger, and lurking. And we PURR.
As a Marine Colonel, I know that the hardest fights often take a couple of battles — and I look forward to continuing our fight in the days, weeks, and months ahead,” - See more at:
As a Marine Colonel, I know that the hardest fights often take a couple of battles — and I look forward to continuing our fight in the days, weeks, and months ahead,” - See more at: