Friday, October 31, 2014

GOP Bully Fail: Christie, LePage Try To Score Cheap Political Points Off Nurse

By Miss Kubelik

If there's one thing we cats have learned in our non-blogging nine lives, it's this: Don't tussle with a nurse. As you can see from this picture, even the largest and fiercest members of our species are no match for an intrepid vet tech.

And two big, loud, obnoxious Republican members of the so-called human race have recently found out the same thing. Nurse Kaci Hickox has sent both blowhard Chris Christie and teabag nutjob Paul LePage scurrying for their respective corners with their tails between their legs.

First, the ever-repulsive Christie caved and released Hickox, who just returned to the US from her volunteer work with Ebola patients in Africa, from her New Jersey prison. Now, the equally repellent LePage has backed off from a harsh quarantine in Maine, and is negotiating with Hickox to simply follow CDC guidelines for returning healthcare workers instead. Round one to Nurse Kaci!

We cats aren't surprised. Nurses have to put up with enough grief from doctors as it is. They're hardly going to let a couple of bullying, science-denying GOP Governors get them down.

But LePage's behavior has continued to be atrocious. He has — no joke — threatened Hickox with a mob attack if she leaves her house. "We can't protect her when she does that," he said, incredibly, of the nurse who has tested negative for Ebola.

What is it with these Republican bullies and their lack of respect for their constituents? From Christie's "sit and down and shut up" to LePage's incitement of violence, we cats are appalled. And we HISS.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cat Fight! Mark Begich vs. Lisa Murkowski

By Baxter

We cats are grateful that Alaska's Republican Senator has been so petulant about being mentioned in Mark Begich's ads. It reminded us that we wanted to ship a few bucks Mark's way. (You can, too.)

Meanwhile, though, it's kind of amusing to watch Lisa Murkowski get all umbrage-y, particularly since Begich has called her on toeing the Republican Party line at her constituents' expense.

Murkowski, miffed, has declared she doesn't take orders from Rancid Pieface and the RNC. But we cats think she does, since — although we're confident the Democratic ground game will prevent it — a Begich loss next week would deprive The Last Frontier of an important seat on the Senate Appropriations Committee. Apparently, Lisa is a Republican first and an Alaskan second.

We'll see how Murkowski feels about all this when the Famous Quitter takes her on in her next GOP primary. Sarah Palin said this week that she's got another race in her. And since her legacy was built on taking down Lisa's daddy Frank, why wouldn't she want to resurrect her career by taking down Lisa?

Hmmmm: Maybe we should change our headline to "Murkowski vs. Palin." We cats PURR.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Strong, Free And The Cat's Meow (Part III)


Top Picture: A mosque in Cold Lake, Alberta, vandalized in the wake of the shootings in Ottawa last week.

Bottom Two Pictures: The community's reaction. We cats PURR.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


By Sniffles

Chinless Ed Gillespie's cheap little ad on "Monday Night Football" — attacking US Senator Mark Warner for not defending the repulsive name of the Washington football team — is so much more than the cute stunt that Pundit World has described.

It's proof that Chinless believes in the superiority and rights of corporations — first, last and always. Which means that:
  • When Duke Power’s negligence sends tons of toxic chemicals into the rivers and streams of North Carolina and Virginia, a newly minted Senator Chinless will be screaming to abolish the EPA.
  • When oil and railroad companies conspire to move millions of gallons of oil in shoddy, out-of-date tanker cars that were never intended to haul flammable liquids, Senator Chinless will insist on deregulating the transport of oil and gas.
  • When mounds and mounds of the toxic byproducts of burning coal sit on the edge of Detroit River, unsecured and ready to cause a huge environmental disaster, Senator Chinless will rise to the defense of the poor l'il Koch Brothers and all their ilk.
  • When coal companies in West Virginia and Utah operate shoddy, unsafe mines and catastrophe ensues, Senator Chinless will say that we need to complete the job that Dick Cheney started and dismantle the Mine Safety Administration.
  • And — speaking of native peoples who don't deserve to be insulted by big business — when the Violence Against Women Act comes up for renewal, Chinless will compound the insult by opposing it. (Can't have fine, upstanding, non-native white American boys prosecuted by tribes, don'tcha know!)
There's one sure way to prevent all this: Beat Chinless. We cats are working hard toward that goal, the thought of which makes us PURR.

(IMAGE: The former RNC chair, parachuted in by the Republican establishment to "save" the Romney 2012 campaign. Great job, Chinless!)

Smelling Salts For The Soul

By Zamboni

Mary Burke is welcoming the Democratic Party's campaigner-in-chief to Wisconsin today. Gasp! Any second now, Pundit World will hit the fainting couch. A Democrat in a close race is willing to rally with Barack Obama? Incredible!

To the Pittypat-ish talking heads of the world, we cats say, get a grip. There are many good reasons why Burke — who has Scott Walker so worried he's openly feuding with Chris Christie and the RGA over money — is happy to welcome the President to her side. And it's not just because the Obama Administration is close to fulfilling Newt Gingrich's 2012 campaign pledge of $2.50-a-gallon gas.

Ready for the list? Courtesy of one of our favorite veteran political observers, here it is:

Economic Growth — This includes 54 consecutive months of private-sector job growth, the longest period of improvement since DOL began keeping records. The Obama economic recovery "has been better in just about every measurable way" than the recovery under the GOP's adored St. Ronnie.

Unemployment — From a high of 10.1 percent (a legacy of The Worst Person Who's Ever Lived), the unemployment rate has fallen to 5.9 percent. And take note, John Boehner: Obama's added more than 10 million new jobs.

Stock Market — With the DJIA in the high 16,000s, we cats like the look of our portfolio.

Deficit and Spending — Guess what, Republicans! The budget deficit has dropped by two-thirds since Obama took office. And spending is increasing at the lowest rate since the 1950s. If you say anything to the contrary, you're just, well, lying.

Taxes — "For the vast majority of people, tax rates are exactly where they were when Obama took office, or lower. The only people whose income taxes have gone up during Obama's Presidency are those making $400,000 a year or more." (Sorry, Willard.)

Energy — Here's where today's Gingrich-envied low gas prices come in. Thanks to improved production and higher standards for fuel efficiency, America's dependence on "Saudi sheiks" that Newtie decried in 2012 is much lower (and without a Republican in the White House).

Health — Obamacare has provided health coverage to nearly 8 million previously uninsured Americans. The ACA has helped the Medicare trust fund stabilize through 2030, with no anticipated benefit cuts. Healthcare costs are still going up, but at the slowest rates we've seen in 55 years.

War — America has "fewer soldiers, sailors and airmen in war zones than any time in over 10 years." No more 110-story skyscrapers have gone down. And the guy who masterminded the plot that Bush and Cheney ignored is dead.

See? Mary Burke is one smart cookie. We cats PURR.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Strong, Free And The Cat's Meow (Part II)

Cartoonist Scott MacKinnon of Halifax's Chronicle Herald has outdone himself not just once, but twice in the space of a week. For his first take on the Ottawa shootings, click here.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Inheriting The Wind

By Miss Kubelik

From a story in today's Washington Post:

"Until a few weeks ago, Michael Anthony Peroutka belonged to the League of the South, an Alabama-based group that decries the presence in this country of 'hordes of non-white immigrants' and wants the South to secede from the union and return to its 'Anglo-Celtic' roots.

"He is also the Republican candidate for a seat on the Anne Arundel County Council, facing an inexperienced and little-known Democratic challenger and widely believed to have a good chance of winning the GOP-leaning 5th District on November 4."

Disturbing. And what are the lessons of Michael Peroutka's success?

1. That everywhere you turn in the Republican Party, there lurk racist, anti-Semitic, climate-change-and-evolution-denying misogynists at every level. Yes, this is a mere seat in county government. But it's a short leap from this guy to the likes of Steve King and Louie Gohmert.

2. That the silence of the national party establishment on candidates like this is deafening. While it's true that Maryland GOP candidates have disavowed this nut, where are the voices of the so-called Republican leaders a few miles away in DC? We know: They're still petrified of the party's whackjob-teabag base, and have decided to coddle rather than denounce them.

3. That Peroutka's nomination and expected victory stand in stark contrast to Rancid Pieface's "autopsy" — the much-ignored document that the GOP produced after its whupping in 2012. Its wish list of appealing to nonwhites, women and gays is, in light of the Peroutkas of the world, a farce.

4. That it's proof why everyone with the last name of Bush is comfortable endorsing teabag nutjob Paul LePage in Maine.

In light of all this, we cats would like to say something to Americans going to the polls in 10 days. If you're tempted to mark your ballot for candidates with an "R" next to their names, please remember: Unless you're a white guy with a Klan hood in the basement closet, or a zillion dollars in the bank, Republicans don't like you. Not one bit.