Sunday, December 31, 2017

Some Cold, Hard Facts About Puerto Rico

By Miss Kubelik

Twenty years ago this January, a crippling ice storm paralyzed Quebec. Nearly four million people in the province were without power for weeks. Businesses closed, the Montreal subway ground to a halt, banks and their ATMs shut down, no mail was delivered, and people lined up for gas. In short, life stopped in its tracks.

So imagine what Quebec went through in cold temperatures, and transpose that to Puerto Rico in the tropics, today. The difference? The weather event that crippled Puerto Rico happened 100 days ago, not yesterday. The fact that American citizens in this US territory are still struggling is unconscionable.

Look: Climate change means that extreme temperatures are going to occur, hot or cold. Right now, the US and Canada are dealing with subzero weather, but the rest of the world is baking. And while the original disaster to befall Puerto Rico was quite possibly due to global warming, its aftermath is totally the fault of humans. (That is, if you consider Trump Administration officials human.)

We don't. As far as we're concerned, Trump has committed Puerto Rican genocide. He should be impeached, removed from office and sent to Guantanamo — just for that. But since no one will hold him to account for a US territory's suffering, we'll have to nail him on foreign collusion and obstruction of justice. Go, Bob Mueller, go! We cats PURR.

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