Thursday, April 27, 2017

He's A Chip Off The Old Block (Not Bloc)

By Baxter

When the 2016 Russian fraud, oops, US Presidential election occurred, one of our first thoughts — after we were revived with smelling salts, of course — was that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau could possibly find himself in worldwide ascent as The Ultimate Anti-Trump.

After all, he's a North American leader with global sensibilities: He's inherently concerned about climate change, welcomes refugees from around the world, and is wildly young — or maybe just seems that way — and so helps represent the newer generations who are gamely accepting the damaged torch that we're passing to them.

Our hunch has been borne out so far by the deft way Justin has handled the walking, talking disaster that is Donald Trump. He started out by forestalling the ridiculous Trump handshake, and since then has apparently schooled the idiot manchild on topics like NAFTA. Or so we thought. We agree with expert observers that with Trump, it's hard to tell what's feinting and posturing and what's reality. Like any brutal dictator strongman, don'tcha know.

That extra added note of uncertainty on the American side is, we think, a plus for Justin. The more he can seem like a reasonable, thoughtful head of government, the better for us all. Because despite the sentiments of the anti-government folk in the US (Grover Norquist, we're looking at you), the world seems to want rationality, robustness and stability in its governments. We find it hard to disagree.

And yes, it's a plus that he's cute. He's not our type, but hey — that's okay. We love him just the same (like we loved his dad). We cats PURR.

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