Monday, April 10, 2017

United Breaks Passengers

By Miss Kubelik

Whew, we cats are really glad we don't work in the public relations department of United Airlines. Things were bad enough a couple of weeks ago, when the Interwebs erupted over the girls who weren't allowed to fly wearing leggings. But this incident at O'Hare yesterday — sheesh, every corporate communicator's worst nightmare.

Kinda makes the days when United baggage handlers smashed guitars seem quaint, doesn't it?

So, yes, like the rest of the world — which thanks to this story is probably ignoring Syria, Neil Gorsuch's stolen SCOTUS seat, creepy Robert Bentley's resignation and dead bats in salads — we are mesmerized by United's awfulness and wish the company nothing but ill.

But we have to point out that what this poor passenger suffered at the hands of Chicago's Finest is precisely the kind of treatment African Americans have to endure from cops every day. Just sayin'. We cats HISS.

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