Saturday, April 29, 2017

Laws And Orders

By Zamboni

Where are all the Republicans who screamed about President Obama's alleged "abuse" of executive orders? We cats are just wondering, seeing as how the 70-year-old manchild in the Oval Office has been signing so many of them.

As usual, the GOP's hypocrisy on stuff they think Democrats can't do but they can is breathtaking. If they're not busy applauding Drumpf's executive orders, they're crickets in the woods. Anyone want to call them out on that? (Mr. Former President, we're looking at you.)

The other thing we're wondering is why you have to resort to doing executive orders when you control all three branches of government. (The stolen Supreme Court seat gives them the judiciary.) Don't these people know how to pass laws?

Guess not! Just more proof that people who hate government have no clue how to govern. We cats HISS.

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