Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Playing The Long Game


By Sniffles

Wow, the media sure jumped on the "Dems caved, got nothing" storyline, didn't they? Sometimes the press really does drive us crazy. For example, if we cats had a can of tuna for every "Shutdown Showdown" headline and chyron we saw, we'd never be hungry again.

Here's our take on it all: Thank God nine million low-income kids don't have to worry about their health insurance any more.

You think that's nothing? Try talking to parents who rely on CHIP to cover treatment for a child with cancer. Oh, and ask them what kind of a Christmas they had, knowing that they could lose coverage with the New Year. (We'll refrain from mentioning that the Republicans had more than 100 days to act on CHIP instead of holding those kids and their families hostage for selfish, soulless bargaining purposes.)

Meanwhile, the government is open, the obviously hapless Donald Trump not only couldn't close a deal but missed his stupid Palm Beach party, and Congressional Republicans are on the record that they'll deal with DREAMers in three weeks. Not bad.

Oh, and bargain points for this: The world now knows who the revoltingly racist Stephen Miller is. We cats PURR.

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