Monday, May 7, 2018

Not Good. Not Best.


By Zamboni

As the allegations against the sociopath in the Oval Office continue to pile up — sexual assault, harassment, campaign finance violations, collusion, obstruction of justice, fraud, racketeering, lying, witness tampering, and on and on — we're amazed at the Republicans who continue to call him "a good man."

The latest GOP stalwart to step into the "good man" mess is retiring Senator Orrin Hatch, who wants John McCain to un-ban Trump from his funeral. "Well," Hatch groused, "he's the president of the United States and he's a —" You know the rest.

We cats say, WHUT! Orrin must have fewer working brain cells than McCain if he thinks Mr. Stormy-Daniels-Congrats-To-Vlad-NRA's-Great falls into the "good" category.

Then again, maybe Hatch is just following the example of the ever-execrable Mike Pence, whose "vote for this good man" video we're dying to resurrect as soon as all that stuff Michael Avenatti predicts will disgust the American people comes out.

In the meantime, John McCain can invite — or not invite — anyone to his funeral he damn well pleases. Orrin Hatch: Butt out. We cats HISS.

(GIF: Orrin Hatch, removing invisible eyeglasses. What was that about brain cells?)

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