Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Rapid Response

By Baxter

Tomorrow morning the psychopath in the Oval Office will once again either be tweeting furiously about Robert Mueller, or fulminating on "Fox & Friends," or both. Tonight's scoop at The Washington Post about the Special Counsel's team raising the possibility of a subpoena will no doubt set him off.

It makes you wonder: Any firings around the corner? Either of Mueller or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein? (Rosenstein gave quite a feisty speech today — like he was expecting something.)

Trump may not know that if he does fire somebody, protests will erupt around the country. No doubt many will be spontaneous, but they're also being organized — more than 900 at this point, with 350,000+ people pledging to spring into action if anything untoward emanates from the White House.

We cats signed up for the demonstration in our quaint little upstate hamlet some time ago. Tonight, we've received a message from our organizer that basically said, head's up. The subpoena threat, the Rosenstein speech and, oh yes, that bizarre raid on Trump's doctor's office might set things off. Like an expectant couple with a packed suitcase sitting by the front door, we should be ready.

We don't know what — if anything — is going to happen. But being cats, we'll wait, and we'll watch. And HISS.

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