Thursday, April 12, 2018

Grief For Greitens? Great!

By Sniffles

There's too much going on in Trump World tonight. Michael Cohen tapes, James Comey's book, the RNC's anti-Comey "war room," Scott Pruitt's never-ending scandals, Mike Pompeo's kinda-not-great testimony on Capitol Hill today, Scooter Libby, the post office, gossiping doormen, Paul Ryan throwing in the towel...

We're exhausted.

So let's talk about Eric Greitens instead.

Greitens, the Republican Governor of Missouri, was already on the hot seat over his tying-up-his-mistress sex scandal — and the Missouri House just turned the temperature up about 1,000 degrees. Their report not only outlines the stomach-wrenching details of the whole affair but also appears to find the mistress's testimony wholly credible. Ugh. We cats caution you before you read. It's truly the stuff of Hairball City.

Greitens is reacting to all this by trying to go full-court Trump. He's calling it a "political witch hunt" and is refusing to resign, even though his own state attorney general is begging him to do so. (That guy is running against Claire McCaskill, so he really, really wants Greitens out of the way. Gosh, Claire is lucky in her enemies.)

The question tonight is this: Can Greitens truly take that "witch hunt" page from the Trump playbook? Trump leans on his history as a much-married celebrity womanizer and no doubt feels that since the "Access Hollywood" tape didn't sink him, everybody's cool with his caddishness. (We'll see about that, by the way.) But Greitens is different: He ran for Governor as a family-values, Jesus-loving right winger. We're not sure if in-your-face Trumpy tactics are going to work for him.

Of course, we want Greitens to stay right where he is: being umbrage-y, keeping his unsavory story in the news, fomenting party discord, making his GOP Senate candidate wildly uncomfortable, and basically causing as much misery on the Republican side of the aisle as he can.

So you keep being you, Eric. It's going so well! We cats PURR.

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