Monday, April 23, 2018

Make North America Hate Again

By Baxter

As the cops search for the naked Waffle House shooter — and we all celebrate his takedown by a good guy without a gun — we cats are paying attention to the sentencing of this jackass, who killed six men at a mosque in Quebec in January 2017.

Check out the hat.

Yep, this creep, Alexandre Bissonnette, is a big fan of Donald Trump. He loved the Muslim ban, which Trump had declared just two days before the murders. Chillingly, his computer later revealed a lot of Internet searches not just on Muslims and immigration, but also on Marc Lépine, an antifeminist who killed 14 women in a Montreal shooting rampage in 1989. Still, since Bissonnette did a lot of reading up on Dylann Roof, maybe his racism outweighed his misogyny.

Canada has a lot of guns, but like a zillion other countries it doesn't have anywhere near the problem with mass murder that we do. We suspect that it has a lot to do with the NRA and the Second Amendment, but clearly, the rhetoric and policies of the current awful President have been fueling the violence and the hate.

By the way: There is no death penalty in Canada. The prosecution is asking the judge to give Bissonnette the maximum: 150 years with no possibility of parole. Just one more way they're more civilized than we are. We cats HISS.

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