Thursday, April 19, 2018

It's Insidious (And No, We're Not Describing The Steele Dossier)

By Baxter

We cats have had to fire off a few complaints today to news organizations that persist in describing the Steele dossier in negative terms. "Notorious," The Daily Beast called it. "Infamous," NPR intoned.

To which we say, WHUT? Why does anyone in the media feel the need to append an adjective other than "Steele" to the dossier?

The dossier is now well-known enough that there's no need to qualify it. And while words like "notorious" and "infamous" may entice a few more clicks, they do a disservice to a document that's held up remarkably well under intense scrutiny.

The dossier's findings are already disturbing and alarming. We object to reporters, blurbmeisters and headline writers lazily invoking the most sensational aspects of the story to skim over the details of collusion, money laundering, election tampering and treason. And we HISS.

(IMAGE: As everyone knows, this is one section of the dossier that has not yet been confirmed. But we cats have confidence in sunshine. And in showers.)

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