Thursday, March 8, 2012

Guys Who Don't Talk So Good

By Zamboni

Happy International Women's Day. We cats are trying to celebrate it, but it's been pretty tough — what with all the vile behavior we've seen of late. From Komen to Limbaugh to Blunt, we're fed up.

So we will concentrate instead on a question of grammar. Here goes.

In the spirit of the day, 12 female Senators have written to John Boehner, asking the House to cease and desist on any more Blunt-like legislation. "Women," they stated, "have had enough." To which a Boehner spokesman replied, "House Republicans have passed nearly 30 jobs bills, which will help American men and women alike. They are now awaiting action in the Democrat-controlled United States Senate."

Mr. Boehner Spokesman deserves to have his ears boxed, of course, and not just for that lame non sequitur. Because the word "Democrat" is a noun. When Republicans use it as an adjective, it becomes a pejorative.

With all the name-calling going on these days, you'd think.... well, maybe not (sigh). We cats HISS.

(IMAGE: The 1976 Vice Presidential debate. We blame Bob Dole and his "Democrat wars" comment for a lot of this crap.)

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