Friday, March 9, 2012

Women On Top Of The World (And Down On The GOP)

By Baxter

Well, this can't possibly be a surprise: Polls show that the Republicans are committing political suicide with women voters over the contraception kerfuffle.

Then again, we can't understand why any American woman would vote Republican, ever, ever. Why would we go back to the days when we couldn't determine our own reproductive destiny? Heck, even Karen Santorum used to sleep with an abortion doctor. And anyway, why are we even having these conversations in 2012?

Because the Republican Party has gone off a cliff, that's why. We cats can't help but think that they'll pay dearly for it in November.

Meanwhile, there's the long term to think about. We cats may have a few years on our readers, and we've been fixed to boot (thank God). But we hope that younger women whose freedoms are affected by Republican overreaching will become active in the political process, and join the fight against the GOP.

It's your lives, kittens. And you have to tell Transvaginal Bob, Robert Bentley, Terry Branstad, Jan Brewer, Sam Brownback, Phil Bryant, Tom Corbett, Chris Christie, Jack Dalrymple, Mitch Daniels, Dennis Daugaard, Nathan Deal, Mary Fallin, Nikki Haley, Bill Haslam, Gary Herbert, Dale Heineman, Bobby Jindal, John Kasich, Paul LePage, Susana Martinez, Matt Mead, Butch Otter, Rick Perry, Rick Scott, Brian Sandoval, Rick Snyder and Scott Walker TO STAY THE HELL OUT OF THEM. Not to mention the rest of the horrendous Republican crew.

In the meantime, ain't the Chrysler Building gorgeous?

(BRILLIANT, WONDERFUL PHOTO: Norman Parkinson, "Young Velvets, Young Prices," hat fashion, Vogue magazine, 1949. Can we cats be transported back to this moment in time? Provided, of course, that we retain our current access to reproductive healthcare?)

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