Saturday, March 3, 2012

Limbaugh Apologizes, Freepers Explode

By Baxter

Rush Limbaugh has apologized to Sandra Fluke.

We cats don't understand how a person can claim he "didn't mean" a personal attack that lasted three days. But we can't help speculating why this happened tonight. Was it Limbaugh's network, or his advertisers, who held the gun to his head? Was he afraid Fluke might actually sue him? (Let's hope she still does.) Or did he just want to step all over Willard Mitt Romney's anticipated victory in Washington State?

Time will tell. Meanwhile, we beamed over to Free Republic, to see how our teabagger friends were handling their hero's official grovel. Answer: not well. When they're not still calling Ms. Fluke those awful names, they're weeping and wailing and furious and sad. Poor sweet babies.

We don't have time to read all 548 comments on the thread, but here are some choice nuggets:

"Rush is a coward."

"Lost this round to Saul Alinsky."

"Unbelievable. This is why the left wins.... THEY don't back down."

"Rush has emasculated himself. He has neutered himself as an ineffective effeminate [sic] with this apology."

"Just WOW! Looks like Rush really has jumped the shark after all."

"What a bunch of sorry wimps leading our side."

"One more reason to miss Andrew." (We cats love this comment.)

"We HAVE TO LEARN TO FIGHT BACK!!! When Sarah was called the
C word by Bill Mayer [sic] did we flood his advertisers?? PLEASE people
this is WAR!!! We have to fight the same way!!! WE HAVE TO GET OFF
THE COUCH!!!! WE HAVE TO BE FEARLESS!!!! WE have to do this, or
WE lose!!!! WE have to carry on for Andrew!!!! PLEASE START CAUSING
HELL!!!!!" (We love this one, too, but goodness, gracious, little Freeper — save some exclamation points for the rest of us.)

"Rush sold out. He’s a scumbag."

"After over 20 years of religiously listening to him, I don’t know that I’ll tune him in Monday."

"This apology proves he lacks the courage of his convictions and cares more about money than the truth. Pathetic!"

"When even Rush Limbaugh surrenders to the PC crowd, we are truly, duly doomed as a nation."

"He has betrayed us."

"The left is winning! :("

"Fluke is a socialist/Marxist/Communist/fascist/revolutionary/Islamic sympathizer PLANT. Mother Pelosi and Father Obama were her handlers...and Saul Alinsky and his tactics are their god. We're at war! We MUST keep fighting these slimes until we destroy every last one of them. It will be a 24 hours a day, 7 day a week job....are you up to it? must be IN IT to WIN IT!"

"Hey Rush, retire. You hurt conservatives more than you help. Total CAVE. Just go away and STFU. You’re an embarrassment."

Finally, here's our personal favorite. We can't believe Jim Robinson hasn't scrubbed it.

"The Obama Administration must’ve found pictures of Rush with some Asian boys."

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