Thursday, March 1, 2012

Weekus Horribilis

By Sniffles

Okay, we cats know that "weekus" is not the correct Latin word, but we're making a joke, you see.

And yes, we know it's only Thursday. But this week has been a disaster, a disaster, a disaster, for the Republican Party. Let us count the ways!

This afternoon, the GOP in the Senate has formally taken a stand against birth control by voting for the Blunt amendment. In other words, they voted against American women's ability to determine their own reproductive destinies. We cats never thought we'd live to see the day.

Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine is retiring. Let it be noted that it was her party's extremism, personified by the Blunt nonsense (see above), that sent her screaming to the exits. Let us repeat: She's been driven from a safe seat by her own party — not by the Democrats, or the Occupy movement, or the leftist-Kenyan-colonialist-socialist-we-give-up that the GOP alleges is in the White House. Her own party.

Meanwhile, also thanks to Blunt, Willard Mitt Romney has stepped in it again. That man's poor campaign can never simply rest on its laurels, can it? And speaking of stepping in it, it looks like Willard's brilliant "victory" in Michigan will only yield him half its delegates.

Sheldon Adelson made another big donation to Newt Gingrich's campaign.

President Obama gave a great speech to the UAW on Tuesday. The contrast with the dour doomsayers in Republican Michigan could not have been greater. And speaking of which, Chrysler just logged its best February in four years. And the Dow closed above 13,000 on Tuesday for the first time since The Worst Person Who's Ever Lived was President.

The chief U.S. district judge in Montana, Richard Cebull, has admitted to sending a repulsive, anti-Obama, racially tinged e-mail (using his office computer, we might add) — yet insists he's not prejudiced against black people. Oh, yeah, that's believable. "I'm not a racist. I just think, sound and act like one."

Bob Kerrey said he would run for his old Nebraska Senate seat after all.

Bristol Palin has a new TV show. 'Nuff said.

Rupert Murdoch's snake-in-the-grass son quit his job as executive of News International. Yes, we know this is a British-based scandal, but when you consider the damage that FOX "News" has done to journalism in this country — please.

Andrew Breitbart has died. This news is so grand and glorious that we cats barely know what to say. Except that we send our condolences to Shirley Sherrod, who was rightfully suing the little bastard, and who now, we fear, may be out some money.

Finally, Apple has announced that it will unveil its new iPad on Wednesday, March 7. Why is this important, you ask? Only that it will suck all the oxygen out of the room the day after Super Tuesday — thus denying any kind of post-vote media bounce for whatever 2012 clown car passenger emerges victorious. Oh, well!

UPDATE, March 2: The Santorum campaign has accused the Michigan Republican Party of "political thuggery" for awarding Willard both of its at-large delegates, instead of one each to the two frontrunners as previously understood. Oops, says former state party chair Saul Anuzis — there was a typo in the rules memo they sent out to the campaigns. These GOPers are so incompetent, they've now proven incapable of running a primary as well as a caucus. 


The Cranky Copywriter said...

I have to read your blog to find out about Kerrey's decision? I didn't see it on the news. Yeah.

The Cat's Meow said...

Yes, and unbelievably, POLITICO is reporting that some lefties are jumping all over Kerrey for not being 100 percent politically correct. We can only guess they'd rather lose the seat (and the Senate) than have a Democrat who's less than perfect in their eyes. This drives us cats crazy. We are so sick of liberal losers who can't see the forest for the trees.