Saturday, July 22, 2017

Chinless Ed Gillespie, In Norfolk, Still Manages to Miss The Boat

By Baxter

After we all dutifully take note that today Donald Drumpf was present at the commissioning of a battleship named after the President who pardoned Richard Nixon, let us then take a moment to laugh at Chinless Ed Gillespie.

Gee, Chinless Ed must be really worried that he's going to lose the Virginia Governor's race to Ralph Northam if he bragged in a speech in Norfolk about his ability to "work with" that disastrous Drumpf crowd in Washington. If he's doing that, he clearly feels a pressing need to pander to the GOP's knuckle-dragging base.

Problem is, that's not going to get him any support in vote-rich Northern Virginia, where nervous Republicans like Barbara Comstock are already eyeing dicey Congressional races next year.

But the thing that really makes us break into Cheshire cat grins is Chinless Ed's dumb timing.

The nation's governors, sensing that Washington is off the rails, have already started doing end runs around the Trumpsters and are making stuff happen without them. Creating the United States Climate Alliance and their National Governors Association retreat in Rhode Island this month are just two of the most prominent examples. (Who was that speaking to the govs in Providence? Why, it was Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and the Mayor of Mexico City! Who needs Trump?)

But there goes Chinless Ed, following what he must think is the lesser-evil path in his Republican-imposed Hobson's Choice. Good luck with that, fella. We cats PURR.

(PHOTO: Terry, meet Justin.)

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