Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Note To Nikki Haley: Shut Up And Do Your Job

By Miss Kubelik

Poor, poor Nikki Haley! We cats are wringing our paws for her in the wake of her awful, awful Independence Day. "Spending my 4th in meetings all day," she whine-tweeted, adding the hashtag "#ThanksNorthKorea."

Excuse us, but what a bitch.

Can you imagine how the Republicans would have reacted if Samantha Power or Bill Richardson had whimpered like that? Ya know, it's not like we Democrats (and three million more voters than Donald Trump got) wanted this crowd running the government. If they don't like having to deal with potential international crises on a national holiday, they can quit.

And how hilarious it would be if all our fellow citizens who worked on July 4 felt equally sorry for themselves. Here are a few imaginary tweets — your submissions also accepted!

Surgeon: "Spent my Fourth in the OR all day. Thanks, stupid kid who needed a transplant."

Firefighter: "Spent my Fourth keeping homes from burning down all day. Thanks, idiot drunken Americans with fireworks."

Volunteer: "Spent my Fourth serving meals at a women's shelter. Thanks, asshole Republicans who weaken domestic violence laws."

Immigrant: "Spent my Fourth cooking hot dogs and hamburgers for 'real' Americans at the ballpark. Thanks for NOTHING, Nikki Haley and GOP." We cats HISS.

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