Sunday, July 2, 2017

Senior Moment

By Zamboni

Oh, to have the problems that Canadians have. Fainting couches are being employed across the country since Justin Trudeau gave a Canada Day speech yesterday and forgot Alberta when he listed the provinces and territories. (Kind of like leaving out Texas. Who could blame him?)

Meanwhile, the orange buffoon in the White House is simulating physical violence against the press, which everyone seems to be forgetting has already been committed — for real — in Montana, by (of course) a Republican, against a reporter from The Guardian. Still, the tweet is a new low, one that — in the words of our latest favorite ranter, Ana Navarro — could conceivably get a journalist killed.

So we'll trade places with Canada and a Prime Minister with a memory lapse any time. Because we know that no matter how bad Donald Trump is today, next week he'll have done something worse. We cats hack up a hairball, and we HISS.

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