Tuesday, July 18, 2017


By Miss Kubelik

This isn't a very dramatic photo, but we cats took it this afternoon after we were startled to see that an archeological dig had been revealed just a few blocks from our Montreal condo. VoilĂ  — amid the ever-present John Deere equipment that dominates a city under constant construction, here are the apparent foundations of the Parliament building that was burned by rioters in 1849.

Prior to this excavation, the dig had been covered by a parking lot. (Not unlike the remains of Richard III, we couldn't help thinking.) Now, who knows what's going to happen to the site — which happens to sit on some very prime real estate in tourist-rich Old Montreal.

It was an interesting reality check in a time when we feel that in the US, all our values and principles are being regularly besieged by the Trumpsters and their colluding, complicit Republicans. In other words: Things might seem really explosive in the short term, but they tend to resolve themselves over the long term. And then later, they get dug up by geeky guys with archeological and history degrees — while the modern world bustles heedlessly around them.

Does it mean that Donald Trump and his merry band of traitors will someday be covered in asphalt, their deeds forgotten? We cats can only hope, and we PURR.

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