Tuesday, July 11, 2017


By Baxter

Back when we cats were kittens, there was a powerful anti-smoking ad on TV that showed a montage of happy people merrily puffing away. The voice-over said, "You lose one minute of life for every minute you smoke. So why are these people laughing?"

We thought about that when we saw some of the talking heads on TV today, chuckling over the Donald Trump, Jr. emails and all they portend. Sure, we appreciate the irony of the chinless Junior being sunk by an email. But WTF is so funny?

An election is stolen by a gang of Russia-sympathizing American mobsters colluding with a hostile foreign power — for which there is no clear Constitutional remedy — and we're chuckling? (Yes, you, Eugene Robinson. Stop trying to look over your shoulder like there's somebody else there.)

When we talk about remedies, we don't mean impeachment. That would just land us with Pence, who is awful, awful, and whose hands aren't clean, either. The only impeachment solution would be to win the House and Senate next year and then go after both Trump and Pence and have a Democratic Speaker succeed them instead of the loathsome Paul Ryan. But can the country wait that long? With the damage that the Trumps are doing, maybe not. What we really need to do is un-inaugurate this crowd of gangsters and quislings and swear Hillary in tomorrow. (After all, she won the popular vote.)

Can't find that anywhere in the Constitution, though. In the meantime, it's well past time for Republicans to speak up — particularly Republican Senators, whose oath of office obligates them to defend America from "all enemies, foreign and domestic." We cats despise their cowardice, and we HISS.

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