Monday, August 7, 2017

Purity Is For Milk, Not For Politics

By Miss Kubelik

In addition to Sinclair Media, "Trump TV" and voter suppression — all vile, anti-American efforts to freeze Republicans' hold on power — the right wing is trying to gin up fights within the Democratic Party.

These are dangerous times, and we cats urge our fellow Democrats not to fall for it.

Example: The Daily Caller and other righties are stirring the pot about Senator Kamala Harris. Sure, she was a prosecutor, and yes, some folks on the left are hesitant about her. A very, very small group of folks on the left. Our party has had more serious disputes before, about things a lot more important than one Senator's CV. Like, oh, the Vietnam War.

So let's keep our perspective and not fall prey to, in the words of one of our favorite pundits, whining. Because you know what? That's what Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, Jeff Sessions, Betsy DeVos, Kris Kobach and all the other clowns in this hideous administration want us to do.

We're reminded of the day in 2009 when then-Governor David Paterson of New York announced that he would appoint US Representative Kirsten Gillibrand to Hillary Clinton's Senate seat. Hey! — hadn't upstater Gillibrand been endorsed by the NRA? Rumblings and grousing ensued.

We cats loathe and despise the NRA. But you know what? Nobody has cast more "NO" votes against Trump's House of Horrors nominees than Kirsten Gillibrand. That makes her aces in our book.

So let's all take note of where most of this is coming from. And remember what we Democrats have always believed: Political fights should always be about what's good for the country, not us. We cats HISS and PURR at the same time.

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