Saturday, August 12, 2017

So, When Is Corey Stewart Going To Show Up?

By Miss Kubelik

"The cornerstone of what makes our commonwealth a wonderful place to live is all that we share in common, not the things that set us apart. The community of Charlottesville has been asked twice now in recent months to defend our values of openness, diversity and inclusion against an ideology of hatred and bigotry — no community should have to bear that burden in 2017.

"White supremacists have descended upon Charlottesville again to evoke a reaction as ugly and violent as their beliefs — just as they did before, I am urging Virginians to deny them that satisfaction."

—Statement by Ralph Northam, MD, 
Democratic Candidate for Virginia Governor, August 12, 2017

(PHOTO: Tiki torches, guys? Really?)

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