Thursday, August 3, 2017

We Love Leaks

By Sniffles

We cats disagree with the folks who are clutching their pearls over the leak of Trump-Turnbull-Peña-Nieto transcripts. Au contraire: Thank God for leaks like this — it's the only way any of us would ever know how bad things really are.

And while we're at it, a few other reasons:

1. Donald Trump lies. Constantly and without remorse or hesitation. Any time he's caught in a lie, he screams that it's "fake news." So leakers have a patriotic responsibility to put the truth on the record.

2. No matter how we voted for President, we all need to be reminded how utterly unprepared and colossally unsuited Trump is for the job.

3. Anything that forces elected Republicans to answer for Trump's failings is good for America.

4. Any news that makes it even a little bit harder for talking heads and pundits to treat both parties with a false sense of equivalence is good and appropriate news.

5. It's not the leaks that are unpatriotic. It's the Republican Party knuckling under and nominating this Trump clown in the first place. Everything else just pales in comparison. We cats HISS.

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