Wednesday, August 9, 2017


By Baxter

Did we cats mention "irony" in our last post? Jeez, we had no idea. Get a load of what a white supremacist in Virginia said when he was harrumphing about his upcoming we-are-so-aggrieved "free speech" rally encountering resistance in Charlottesville.

(Context: Airbnb has cancelled a number of accounts that booked stays for Saturday's hatefest, and the city, citing safety concerns, is reluctant to issue permits for the bigots' park of choice. So this guy, the event organizer, is feeling even more aggrieved than usual.)

"There is just an incredible amount of discrimination from the city government and other elements of the community to keep people from eating at the restaurants they want to eat at, to keep people from renting," he whined.

LOL!! Has this dope ever heard of redlining? Whites-only lunch counters? Driving trips that African-Americans couldn't take because there were no hotels that would have them and no restrooms they could use along the way?

We don't know what bothers us more: the hate or the ignorance. We cats HISS.

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