Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hate The One You're With

By Miss Kubelik

So Willard Mitt Romney has squeaked by in a home state he was supposed to win in a walk, and the GOP is crabby. They have a frontrunner whom they cannot stand.

We cats appreciate their dilemma. Every time Willard pops up on our TV — with his awkward cadences and his gratuitous, McCain-ish "heh-hehs" and his bewilderment that the Republicans don't automatically indulge his sense of entitlement — we dive for the remote. How quickly can we get that repulsive man off our screens?

Even Rick Santorum, as hate-filled and un-Googleable and tyrannical as he is, doesn't make our skin crawl the way Mitt Romney does.

What a predicament: Everyone else in the GOP clown car — we can no longer call it a college — is appalling, too. The Republicans are saddled with such impossibilities that they might as well just call 2012 off.

We cats PURR.

UPDATE: We cats have been asked whether Willard will be victorious in Tampa this summer. We note Nate Silver's assessment: "Mr. Romney is doing just well enough (and not much better) to be on track for the Republican nomination."

Our own thought is that the way the GOP delegate rules are written, the answer at this time is yes. You can make the argument that Willard does not have an easy path to 1,144. But neither does anyone else. And brokered conventions only occurred when you had party bosses who controlled the state delegations. Those days died in 1964 for the Democrats, and in 1976 for the Republicans, if not earlier.

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