Friday, June 24, 2016

Donald Trump Can't Read This (Or Any Other) Electoral Map

By Sniffles

Donald Drumpf, who didn't even know what Brexit was just a few weeks ago, has pronounced it "a great thing." He seems to think that with the markets tumbling and the pound down, he'll get more visitors to his Scottish golf course. What he's forgetting is that the value of that course just dropped five to 10 percent.

We also wonder if Drumpf realizes that he's currently visiting a country that likes the EU, hates him, and will probably revisit independence from the UK very soon. But knowing him, we kinda doubt that he does.

So congratulations, David Cameron. Now you know what Rancid Pieface, Mitt Romney, John McCain, Jeb! Bush, Scott Walker, Baby Marco Rubio and the rest of the GOP clowns have painfully learned: This is what can happen when you decide to appease your haters. We cats HISS.

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Anonymous said...

For him to be trumpeting on about a freaking golf course while red Nazi emblazoned balls lie at his feet when something historic and economically asteroid like happens to the world, it is a bit like Geo. Bush the Stupider reading a kid's book while the Twin Towers fell.