Saturday, June 4, 2016

Drumpf On The Ropes (At Least, For Now)

By Baxter

Donald Drumpf had already had a horrible week. But to have it capped off by the death of Muhammad Ali, which interrupted his Friday-night appearance on Jimmy Kimmel — mid-sentence, apparently — is almost too delicious for words.

We cats find it entirely appropriate that the nation's most famous African-American convert to Islam should shut Donald Drumpf up — at least, for a little while.

We also think that Ali would have appreciated the concept of conserving one's energies. He certainly did that in the ring. And what is politics but the allocation of scarce resources in a compressed time frame? Not too different from a boxing match, actually.

And if you believe that the two most precious resources in a Presidential campaign are the candidate's 1) time, and 2) credibility, then Donald Drumpf is in a deep, deep hole.

For what has Drumpf done since the Indiana primary, but fritter away precious moments on the electoral clock? For five weeks, he's failed to rally the party troops, has gone out of his way to annoy the GOP establishment, and has picked unnecessary fights with the press. And in the course of all that, he's behaved more outrageously than ever — damaging any credibility he might have had with voters who haven't paid much attention but who are just tuning in.

Add Hillary Clinton's masterful Drumpf drubbing on Thursday, and we'd say that the presumptive Republican nominee has serious problems. How do we know? Well, have you heard a chorus of Republicans defending him from Hillary's attack? Um, no. The silence is deafening.

Our benchmark for the 2016 election has always been whether we would rather trade places with the Republicans. And oh, goodness gracious: We are so glad we're us instead of them. We cats PURR.

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