Thursday, June 2, 2016

Yes, Paul Ryan, You ARE Playing Word Games

By Miss Kubelik

Paul Ryan didn't exactly endorse Donald Trump today. He said he'll "be voting" for him. Which is something no one can ever check.

And he tweeted the news, natch. Much easier — no pesky questions that way. But here are just a few:

When is the official endorsement? Will they appear together at a Trump "show"? Will Ryan be on the podium in Cleveland, raising arms with Trump and his VP in a show of unity? Will he make sure that the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee and the Trump campaign join forces to save the House? Will he hit the Sunday-morning talk show circuit to talk up the entire Republican ticket, top to bottom? Will there be a Ryan-Trump office in Racine and Janesville this fall?

And a billion other queries, which, by the way, Republicans have always asked of Democrats when they want to join them at the hip to their Presidential nominee. We cats HISS.

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