Friday, June 17, 2016

Lest We Furrget: 40+ Years After Nixon, The GOP Is Breaking Apart

By Sniffles

Happy Watergate Break-In Day, everyone. We cats were tempted to compare Richard Nixon with Donald Trump and observe how well Nixon stacks up (after all, he created the Environmental Protection Agency). But we can't take our eyes off the train wreck that is today's Republican Party — one that we think would appall even Tricky Dick.

Perhaps no GOP figure embodies the angst that the "Party of Lincoln" is enduring these days than Paul Ryan, who is busily, desperately, trying to have it both ways on Republicanism and Donald Trump. Hot on the heels of calling Trump's behavior "textbook racism," Ryan today refused to demand that his Capitol Hill colleagues fall into line behind the party's nominee. "The last thing I would do is tell anybody to do something that's contrary to their conscience," he said.

Goodness gracious. Do you think that, a year ago, when Donald Trump was riding that escalator down to the small, rounded-up crowd that his carnival barkers enticed into Trump Tower, that the Republican bright lights ever envisioned themselves in the position they're in today? Could they have imagined that their Speaker of the House would be saddled with a cartoonish buffoon for a nominee, and telling his members to vote "their conscience"?

So it's little wonder that we're seeing news stories about GOP delegates plotting and scheming to deny Trump the nomination. With all this going on, we figured we'd better check in on our right-wing friends over at Free Republic, to see if their blood pressure was up.

Was it ever! Here are some choice words the Freepers have for Paul Ryan and his concern for "conscience":

"This BASTARD NEEDS TO GO!!!!! TRUMP needs to move the convention cut ties [sic] with these BASTARDS and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!!"

"When does Ryan make his pitch to be Hillary’s VP?"


"The SOB. I am so regretful I voted for him and Romney."

"Ryan is worse then Mitt. Both are low life jerks."

"The RNC is dead to me. They need to stop this sh-- or they will suffer massive losses in the next election all the way down to dogcatcher."

"Boehner was an improvement to this clown."

"Paul Ryan is literally spitting in the faces of Republican voters across the country, and is seemingly determined to hand the election to Hillary Clinton."

Sounds good to us! We cats PURR.

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