Thursday, June 23, 2016

Going Full Palin

By Baxter

Once again, Donald Drumpf proves himself to be the master of detail, not.

Remember back in 2008, when Katie Couric asked the famous quitter from Alaska what Supreme Court decisions she disagreed with? And no fair citing Roe v. Wade. The famous quitter, who by then was running to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency, whiffed. "I'll try to find ya some and I'll bring 'em to ya."

The 2016 version of the famous quitter is the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Drumpf. Before heading off to Scotland to look over his golf courses (thus losing a further two days of organizing and fund raising), Drumpf gave an interview to Lester Holt, and immediately starting screaming about how Hillary Clinton's private email server had been hacked.

Holt asked how Drumpf knew that. Whoops.

"I think I read that and I heard it and somebody that also gave me that information," Drumpf stammered. When Holt asked for the proof, Drumpf said, "I will report back to you. I'll give it to you."

(We hope Holt starts a countdown clock to hold Drumpf to this promise. NBC News could put a little graphic in the lower right-hand corner of the screen: "X days since Donald Trump promised evidence of Hillary getting hacked.")

We all should have known eight years ago that Sarah Palin was just the first of her kind. What we didn't expect was that the whole Republican establishment would be stupid enough to let another Palin steal their party out from under them. Although we cats are not sad that it portends sure disaster for the GOP, we still HISS.

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