Sunday, June 5, 2016

"Shocked, Shocked"

By Zamboni

We cats are heartened by the fact that journalists are finally holding Donald Drumpf's and the Republicans' feet to the fire on Drumpf's outrageous behavior. Since Drumpf shows no signs of changing, we assume that reporters are going to be kept very busy until November.

But they're still letting some ridiculous statements go by unchallenged. At least, we're unaware that anyone has questioned Paul Ryan about his assertion that Drumpf's attack on Judge Gonzalo Curiel "was out of left field for my mind."

Is Ryan serious? Last we looked it up, "out of left field" means "unexpected" and "strange." Anyone who has watched and listened to Donald Drumpf over the past year could not possibly be surprised at the racist broadside he's leveled against Judge Curiel.

Do Drumpf's Curiel comments cross a very big line? Yes. Do they further disqualify him from the Presidency? For sure. But coming from Drumpf, are they "unexpected"? No way. Sorry, Paul, but we're not buying what you're selling.

This is what Paul Ryan's life is going to be like for the next five months. We don't envy him, but like all Republicans, he's made his bed — and we still think his golly-gosh-isn't-that-awful bit is pretty lame. We cats HISS.

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