Sunday, June 12, 2016

Freepers: Knee-Jerks, Or Just Jerks?

By Baxter

We cats are having a hard time picturing "President Trump" comforting the nation after a mass shooting. But we did a quick survey of Trump's supporters over at Free Republic, and here are just a few of their comments about what happened in Orlando this morning. Read 'em and weep.

"The globalists will use Islam to take our guns. This is their plan."

"It’s time to round up the Muslims in America and put them in camps for our own safety."

"What about the Muslim brotherhood working in the White Hut right now!"

"Perhaps gays will now start buying guns."

"Gay club? Barry will have a news conference this matters to him."

"For the most part, gays support Islamists because they view them as fellow outsiders. For the most part, gays, like most people, are idiots."

"Since we have this stupid thing called 'hate crime' now, I could see them classifying it that way."


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