Thursday, December 29, 2011

More Clowns in the College?

By Sniffles

Well, you knew this had to happen. After viewing the anti-Romney vitriol today at Free Republic — they even mentioned his driving to Canada with the family dog on the roof of the car — we cats were certain that, five days out from the Iowa caucuses, the pundit class's near-universal anointing of Willard as the inevitable Republican nominee would cause some serious rumblings.

Or more specifically, an "earthquake." Now, back in August we cats experienced an earthquake here in Virginia, and we don't recommend it to anybody. But our concern for the good people of the Hawkeye State is tempered by the fact that we can't be sure where on the Richter scale this baby will land.

Ahhhh, the famous quitter from Alaska. It was nice not thinking or writing about her for awhile. But we suppose that having her and"Herb" Cain go away at the same time was just too much to ask. Ergo, this shadowy group has started an ad campaign to urge Republican caucusgoers to do, um, you-know-what.

Our first thought was, oh, goody — more chaos. Then we wondered if a Palin insurrection would just end up helping Romney. But it's probably safe to say that if the famous quitter's "earthquake" registers more than expected, it'll probably hurt Bachmann the most.

"Oh, what a circus, oh what a show"!

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