Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Questions

By Miss Kubelik

This is the Hotel de Ville in Old Montreal. Yep, it really looks like this — something right out of a Christmas card. Appropriate for today, yes?

Which reminds us that Jesus is not the only VIP celebrating a birthday today. Happy 45th, Justin Trudeau! (And happy 43rd, Sacha Trudeau. Two brothers born on Christmas Day, two years apart. Weird, eh!)

We cats have managed to have a pleasant day, but lurking in the background is our concern about things to come in the lower forty-eight. What havoc will the new administration wreak, and how much? (Plenty, we fear.) But most of all, now that all of 2016's presents have been delivered, we wonder: Will Donald Drumpf cede the Arctic and the North Pole to his BFF, Vladimir Putin? And if so, what will happen to Santa? We cats HISS.

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