Friday, December 2, 2016

We Still Want To Photograph You In This Light

By Sniffles

We cats were sad to see that Howard Dean dropped out of the running for chairman of the Democratic National Committee. In our shock and dismay after November 8, we could only see his leadership as the answer to the Democrats' woes.

It wasn't just the 50-state strategy that we endorsed, but also the fact that when he was in charge, Dean ran a tight ship. At least, you never saw crap that went on during the era of Debbie Wasserman Schultz. (We would not like to answer to an angry Chairman Dean for an impolitic anti-Sanders email, thank you very much.)

So the first thing we thought when we heard today's news was: If this is about Howard rightly calling the Nazi Steve Bannon a Nazi, we are going to be furious. And of course we're already mad as wet cats about the fact that, like Hillary Clinton, Howard Dean is always going to be judged through an unjust filter — and by just enough people to make a difference. As John F. Kennedy once observed, life is unfair.

But then we saw that Keith Ellison suddenly said he's willing to leave Congress if he gets the DNC job. And we decided, just maybe, that was the deal that he and Howard and the powers that be had struck.

Who knows? Neither Ellison nor Dean is calling us cats to personally explain — so we can only speculate from what we've seen in the headlines. But if we get a DNC chair whose sole job is to rebuild our organization and win us some elections, we're fine with it. As long as that person listens closely and attentively to the advice of Howard Dean. If that happens, we cats will PURR.

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