Monday, December 19, 2016

Getting An Earful

By Miss Kubelik

In the early months of the Obama Administration, we cats were in Quebec and bought a hand-crafted portfolio from a local artisan. When we presented our US credit card and she realized where we were from, she said, "Oh, I love your Prime Minister."

She meant "President," of course, but since she was speaking in her second language, we didn't quibble. In fact, we gladly accepted the compliment. Since we'd had to apologize to Canadians for Bush and Cheney so often, it was a great feeling.

Yesterday, we were at the same artisan market and bought some ear muffs. (Why not? See above.) We had the same experience, but with one very important difference. When the seller looked at our credit card, he said, "Are you American?" Yes, we said. He shook his head politely. "Your new President is a joke."

What could we say? We sadly and disgustedly agreed. The only thing we can hope now is that our Election 2016 Apology Tour will only last four years, not eight. We cats HISS.

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