Thursday, December 29, 2016

"I Must Plead A Subsequent Engagement," Part II

By Sniffles

A few days ago, we cats opined that, in the wake of Donald Drumpf siding with former KGB head and famous foreign killer-of-enemies Vladimir Putin against the oldest political party in America, Hillary and Bill Clinton were officially excused from attending the inaugural thingy in Washington on January 20.

We are happy to announce that now, President and Mrs. Obama are no longer obliged to show up, either. Not unless Drumpf denounces his execrable supporter, Carl Paladino, for Paladino's recent comments on what he hopes will happen to the Obamas in 2017.

Yes, we know that the "Trump transition team" has criticized Paladino. Not good enough. We want Trump himself.

And why not? The Buffalo, New York, Board of Education, appalled and disgusted, apparently has guts enough to demand the piggish Paladino's resignation from their membership. If they don't get it, they say, they'll petition the state of New York to remove him. So the New Worst Person Who's Ever Lived — who, after all, exists on planes far loftier than a mere school board — should have no trouble following suit.

But, oh — right. We're talking about Donald Trump here. The candidate who indulges and coddles racists and haters, because he's a racist and hater himself.

Dear Mr. President: You and Michelle should feel free to be otherwise occupied in 23 days. We cats HISS.

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