Saturday, December 10, 2016

Not Just A Lack Of Civility. Uncivilized.

By Zamboni

As we learn of the CIA's conviction that Russia intervened in the US Presidential election to help Donald Trump — and wait to see if the Republicans are going to do anything about it (yeah, right) — we're also wondering when Trump will say or tweet something that will get somebody killed.

We've speculated about this before, and since then, another hideous story has popped up that doesn't make us feel any better. In fact, we're more worried than ever. We live in a country with millions of heavily armed nutcases, and the next guy who walks into a conspiracy-beleaguered pizzeria and fires a gun could very well hit somebody. A Trump-inspired murder is possible.

It's all because of words, and people's carelessness with them. Trump has encouraged a 1930s-style political atmosphere that he and his acolytes are still feeding. We're escaping back to Canada in a few days, but unfortunately it's happening there, too. Conservatives rallying in Alberta against a carbon tax last weekend threw "Lock her up!" chants at pro-tax NDP Premier Rachel Notley. Gee, where could they have gotten that idea? (The Tory candidate who was speaking at the time did nothing to stop them.)

As one Ottawa-based blogger has noted: "Yes, these are 'just words' so far, but words matter. Words lead to thought, and thought to action. Those who are suffering must always be given a voice and a platform; but it is up to all of us speak up in circumscribing the limits of barbarism."

Meanwhile, we cats are very sad. America's greatest gifts to the world used to be our can-do attitude, our relentless optimism, and a sense that if we keep striving for that more perfect union, we can continue to set an example to others who also seek justice and equality. Now, we export hate and fear, division and chaos. We cats HISS.

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