Tuesday, December 13, 2016

What Might Be So For Joe

By Sniffles

While we cats are waiting to see if the Republicans will allow Russia to take over the United States, we thought we'd take a glance toward 2020 — on our side of the aisle.

After teasing about it in typical Biden fashion, our current Vice President is leaving open the possibility that he could run for President in four years — when he'll be 78. (But oh, heck, the incumbent — assuming he hasn't been impeached, or deposed by teabaggers angry that he hasn't built The Wall — will only be four years younger.)

"Who knows where we're going to be?" Biden asked, and we think we know the answer: In a mess. America's partisan divide will be bigger than ever. Foreign policy will be a corrupt nightmare. Rights will be violated across the board here at home. There will be a staggering need for adult supervision at the State Department, the Pentagon, the Justice Department and all the domestic agencies. The US will be crying out for someone with ordinary Joe credentials who can clean up the corruption, the insider dealing and the cabal of gazillionaires who will have been responsible for all the multiple disasters.

Did we say "ordinary Joe"? Hmmmm.

So here's what we think Biden is thinking: Pledge to run for only one term so that he can address the mess without worrying about needing to be re-elected. And pick a Vice President who, similarly, would disclaim any interest in running for the White House him/herself, so our younger generation of Democrats can get ready to step up in 2024.

It's a little crazy — but what isn't these days? We think, though, that there's enough Joe love out there that if he stays active and visible — and works his butt off for Democrats in state and local races for the next two years — he could pull it off. It just might make us PURR.

P.S. As for who that Biden veep would be, we have an idea. Like we said, crazy!

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