Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bad Metaphor

By Baxter

Okay, we know that the Republican establishment is deep into one of the five stages of grief, but let's stop with the World War II references already.

Mike Murphy — who, as the head of the flaccid and failed Jeb! Bush "super" PAC Right to Rise, is one of the main culprits whom the GOP could finger for the success of Donald J. Trump — really crossed the line.

"The lights are going out across the Republican Party tonight," Murphy opined as Trump racked up win after win on Tuesday. "And we may not see them turn on until after the next Presidential election."

Yes, Murphy mentioned that he was paraphrasing Edward Grey. But ya know what? The implosion of today's repulsive GOP pales in comparison with the destruction of European Jewry and the slaughter of zillions.

The allusion is odious — and during Passover, no less! We cats HISS.

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