Wednesday, April 20, 2016

We Just Have This To Say About That

By Sniffles

The pundits are clucking over Donald Trump's and Hillary Clinton's high negatives — observing that the fall campaign for the White House could be between the two most unpopular nominees in history.

To which we cats say, piffle.

These pundits should know better, because they've been around for a few. Has Donald Trump been active in the political arena for years, the subject of countless inquisitions and investigations? Has Donald Trump been forced to testify before grand juries and Congressional committees? In short, has Donald Trump been vetted to the extent that Hillary Clinton has been vetted? Nope.

What the pundits are missing is that, sure, after 25 years of relentless assaults from the right-wing attack machine, anybody would have high negatives. But Donald Trump has been in politics for less than a year, and already his negative ratings are higher than Hillary's by nearly 10 points.

We have absolutely no qualms about HRC's ability to deal with skeptical voters. Donald Trump? Not so much. Which is why we're bullish on her ability to prevail in November. We cats PURR.

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