Monday, April 18, 2016

Gray Hair? Not Yet. Gray Matter? Yes.

By Zamboni

When it comes to inheriting smarts, we have to say that Justin Trudeau's dad had a "very good brain." And it's clear from Justin's recent description of quantum computing that he's not only pretty bright but, as a former teacher, he knows how to explain stuff to people who aren't.

What's funny is that the right wing has seen fit to trash him, even for this — and sniffy science writers have felt compelled to try to take him down.

Here's the thing: The Liberals won a yuuuuge majority in October, and the Harper Conservatives are gone, gone, gone. Since they, like the Republicans in the US, were anti-science and ignoring if not denying of climate change, it's refreshing to see a Prime Minister who not only cares about the environment but who actually apparently loves and appreciates the systematic study of the physical, natural and technological world. 

So we accept Justin's explanation. It you want to know more, well, as Casey Stengel said, you can look it up. We cats PURR.

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