Thursday, April 28, 2016

She Just Wants To Sing

By Miss Kubelik

We cats are the first to admit that we can't bear the thought of watching Carly Fiorina sing to Ted Cruz's daughters. We can only hope that Ted Cruz's daughters found the idea as distasteful as we do.

We'd also like to remind Ms. Fiorina, who never seems to excel at anything she does, that singing is nothing original in politics. Back in 1976, Canada's first lady, Margaret Trudeau, sang a song she composed to the first lady of Venezuela, Blanca Maria Rodriguez de Perez, at an official dinner. It didn't go over well.

Now, um: Margaret Trudeau was very young at the time, and surely suffering from undiagnosed bipolar disorder, so we blame her a heck of a lot less than we blame Carly Fiorina. And we'd advise Carly to stick with her day job — except for the fact that Hewlett-Packard fired her from it! We cats PURR.

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